Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 7th August 2020 Written Update: Roshni hides pregnancy of her from Aman

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 7th August 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Roshni is upset and she is checking her pregnancy with the kit. Aman and Rehan are talking to each other and then both of them goes in another way. The Jinn hunter comes inside the house in a form of smoke. Roshni sees two red lines in the kit and she gets excited. She comes running behind Aman to give her the good news but before that the Jinn hunt attacked Aman and stick him to the wall. On the other side, Rehaan is attacked too by the hunter too. However, Rubina reached the place and asked Roshni to throw water on Aman. She does as per her words and Aman was freed from the captive while Roshni starts to cry seeing Aman but he says l am fine now. You don’t have to be panicked at all. Rehaan is unconscious due to the effect of the smoke. Rubina asks Aman and Roshni for Rehaan and says he is inka danger too. Shayari comes inside the house with the files and she is feeling lost seeing such a big house in front of her. She is looking for library area and she comes in the poolside and gets happy she can get to see library area easily. She was looking for Rehaan around but before she can see Rehaan is stuck to wall, he foot slips and she fells into the swimming pool and the water splashed on Rehaan and thus he gets released.He comes back to his senses and is removing his shirt when Shayari gets up from the swimming pool and looks around and finds out that the files and papers are inside the water and suddenly she noticed Rehaan removing clothes and she is looking at him with mesmerizing eyes.

On the other hand, Roshni comes there to check on Rehaan and finds Shayari wet, she asks her to get herself changed inside her room and asks Rehaan if he is okay? Rehaan, Aman and Roshni are talking to Tabeezi when Aman says to Rubina that Roshni has lost her powers and she is no more an Ayana now. Roshni also admits the same lie to hide the real truth. Rubina says to them about Jinn hunters and says these people are so innocent and sweet in the first place but basically they have so many powers and hella dangerous people. They are just trying to leave a sign on the body of Jinn to recognize them later on. They find out only Rehaan got a sign and not Aman as he is Jinnath ka Badshah. Rehaan gets his doubt on Shayari as she is the one new entrant in their house and life. Roshni is planning to hide her pregnancy from Aman and for that she pretends to get an ankle twist in her leg and Aman asks her to rest and cancelled the appointment. On the other side, Rehaan noticed Shayari is drying the file papers with a drier and he gets angry again but she is not able to listen to his voice and hence she says I will dry all the papers and will submit. Rehaan comes forward and hold her hands but Shayari leaves her hands from his hold. Aman puts Roshni on bed and sprays on her leg and left the room when Roshni thinks it is really bad of me to keep you in darkness regarding the truth. However, I have to hide the truth of my pregnancy from you.

Precap – Aman gets a doctor to do the check up of Roshni inside the house.