Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 9th October 2020 Written Update: Roshni arranges her swayamvar in Junaid Manzil

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 9th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anjum expressed sadness over Roshni becoming black jinn forever. Rubina says I had a feel that I can never make Roshni normal again. Rehaan says to Aman that we should think about Roshni and how to make her alright at all.

Rehaan says everything to the family members about his body got exchanged with Natasha. Aman comes inside his room and Roshni asks him are you getting scared being a jinn? He says I am in love with this Jinn so why I will get scared?

She asks him to give her his hand and she holds his hand and does break all the ties with him and says I called off my relationship with you and now I am a free woman and you are free from this so called marriage and says I have a lot of work and leaves the room. Aman says everything to the family members and says something is still there who can bind me and Roshni together. He tries to make her remember that she is still Ayaana and had something in her.

He tries to make her realise that she is his wife and a mother of Armaan but Roshni who is totally out of this zone completely refuse to showcase any emotions for Armaan and she throws him back to Aman says you are surely hallucinating about me and my feelings and activities.

I don’t feel anything for you or your son. So keep him with you and don’t come to me and ever if you feel nostalgic about your Roshni then have a look at your kid but don’t come to me. I have nothing with you anymore. She left from there and Aman promises Armaan that he will try his best to bring his mother back to him.

Later on, Rehaan and Natasha who are trying to find out a card from the house got a stranger who is a short height human being and asks them are you people looking for this and gives them the card but Rehaan who tries to know his identity failed to do so as he got vanished in the air before anything.

Baby also finds a reptile becoming human in the house and got scared and narrates it to her mother but doesn’t understand who are these people and why they are here in this house. Roshni gets decked up in her room in a bridal attire and says to her mother that I am a free woman now and I can do anything as I wish.

Aman comes to give milk to Armaan and meets a strange magician in his house and the other family members gathered there too. They says they didn’t come here by their will but was invited by Roshni. She says she is going to organize her swayanvar and these three people are her contestants for the same and the entire housemates got shocked with her statement and Aman looks at her with unbelievable eyes.

Precap – Aman also wants to join the list of grooms but Roshni declines and says the entries are closed already.

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