Zaroon to be expelled from becoming the successor

Star Bharat show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera is showing some real twist in the tale in the second week of the show itself. The show is based on three characters life and their way to deal with things which comes in their way. We have seen in the first week of the show that how Saltanat going to pick up Zaroon creates a chain of misunderstanding. While Zaroon though that Saltanat is the girl with whom his alliance is fixed then on the other hand kainaat was fascinating about her would be husband.

However on the day of family meet Zaroon and his family realised their mistake when Kainaat was introduced in front of them for marriage. Anyways Zaroon’s mom did the ritual and make the alliance official. But this happiness doesn’t lasts long with Kainaat went to meet Zaroon separately and  he rejected her for marriage as he likes her cousin sister Saltanat.

Zaroon also declared his stand in front of the whole family and as a result he is going to face a lot of trouble in upcoming days. Dada of Kainaat will be furious at Zaroon for rejecting his lovable granddaughter Kainaat and also refuse to make him the successor of his whereabouts. Well we are already aware about the fact that why Zaroon’s father want this alliance at first place and with Saltanat refusing to marry Zaroon there is no way left for him to achieve the throne of Delhi’s Dargah. With Dada refusing to pass on the reigns of dynasty to him, Mamoon is hell lot of furious on his son.

On the whole seeing the scenario we can surely say not only love but his entire life to become a tough deal to crack for him in upcoming days. What is your take on the whole scenario, tell us in the comment section and keep watching this space for such exciting updates.