Ziddi Dil Maane Na 14th October 2021 Written Update: Karan successfully completes the mission

Ziddi Dil Maane Na 14th October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Karan finding Monami and the leader. Karan starts fighting with him. Monami furiously asks Karan to beat him  as he’s the leader of the racket. She says Gauri’s health is bad because of him and asks him to not leave him. Monami faints abs Karan tries waking her up. She opens her eyes and shouts Karan. The leader beats Karan with a chair. Karan knocks him off. The girls thank Sid for helping them escape. Sid says that he didn’t do anything and it’s them who are saving them. The girls asks him not to say so as he risked his life and diverted their attention. She says it’s because of him they got the courage to fight back. Karan is beating up the leader furiously. Police comes there and asks them to hold while he leaves to check on them.

Bala gets doubtful about the police and says Faizi and Sanjana about it. The inspector shoots Karan in order to rescue the leader. Karan informs it to Faizi and Sanjana. They all manage to escape from the police. Monami checks on Gauri’s condition and finds it bad. She suggests immediate operation. Karan asks her to shift Gauri but Monami advises against it. She says that being a doctor she has to fulfil her duty and asks him not to worry about her. Karan is about to leave when Monami asks him to take care. Karan says that he’s not leaving anywhere but is going to do his duty by protecting and asks her to continue her duty. Monami smiles.

Karan is handling everyone from outside while he has a normal conversation with Monami. Koel escapes from the notice of Faizi and Sanjana to record about Karan. While handling the shooter Monami says Karan that she wanted to say something to him. Karan notices Koel coming there but gets shocked seeing her on leader’s gun point. He shoots Karan on shoulder keeping Koel hostage. Monami feels something bad and comes out to find Karan shot and gets shocked. The leader points gun at Monami and Koel back to back scaring them.

The leader points gun at Monami saying that she spoiled his business and its her who should die. The leader shoots Monami but Karan takes the bullet. Sanjana and Faizi who was approaching him hears the bullet sound. He falls on Monami and Monami calls out to him. Koel is also devastated. It is revealed that it wasn’t him who got shot but he shot the leader. The leader falls on floor. Monami hugs him in happiness. Karan asks how’s Gauri. She says that it’s because of him she’s able to fulfil her duty. Karan smiles and praises her. Later, Karan speaks with Inspector and asks him to not involve Parakram academy anywhere as it’s a secret mission. Inspector assures to handle everything and they leave with head held high.

Precap : Rawat accuses Karan for being in a hospital last night and Minister asks for proof. He says that he has a video recording as proof. Everyone gets shocked. Rawat plays the recording.

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