Ziddi Dil Maane Na 25th November 2021 Written Update: Koel gets tortured.

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The episode starts with Abhay catching Koel while escaping with Nikhil. He asks where they are going when Nikhil asks whether they are not going for picnic. Abhay says they will go but not today and asks him to sleep. Nikhil leaves to sleep. Abhay mocks Koel and shows her the CCTV camera he has placed everywhere in the house shocking Koel. He shows her the footage where she mixed sleeping pills in his coffee. He threatens her saying that this time his plan is full proof and she can’t even leave the room forget about house. He breaks a bottle in anger and asks Koel to walk on the broken glass pieces as punishment. Koel pleads him to not do so but he forces her. Having no option she walks on the glass pieces. He makes her say that she will not leave him and go anywhere while walking on the pieces. Koel cries terribly. Abhay picks her and takes her to their room.

At morning, cadets reads a news and looks at Monami shocked. When Monami asks what’s the issue when he shows the newspaper where Abhay have news that Monami was involved in the kidnapping of his son and wife. Karan supports Monami. The cadets discuss that Abhay is indirectly threatening Monami to ruin her career if she interrupts in Koel’s issue then her career will be at stake. They say that he’s trying to pretend like a big person. Bhatra calls Monami to his room and asks Karan to keep trainees away from the issue as out of emotions they break protocols. Karan agrees with him. Bhatra says about Chakravyuh. Monami comes there and Bhatra warns her to stay away from Koel issue. Monami agrees. Bhatra leaves when Monami thanks Karan for supporting her. She asks if they took any efforts to bring back Koel to the academy. Karan reminds her about Bhatra’s order and asks her to stay out of the issue. He asks officer to give away all the mobile phone back to the cadets. Monami gets upset.

Koel is struggling with a wounded leg when Nikhil and Abhay comes there with breakfast. She immediately hides her wound from Nikhil. Nikhil leaves to play while Abhay shows her the newspaper article about Monami. He says that he would punish if anyone tries to help her from academy. Koel gets scared. Bhatra gives instructions to cadets regarding Chakravyuh and wishes them good luck. Nikhil while playing asks Abhay for academy’s number as he wishes to speak with Sid,Faizi and Bala. Abhay makes some excuse and promises to visit the academy once gets Koel. He gets angry on Koel. Teams are split for Chakravyuh competition in the academy.

Chitra is teamed with an officer while Suman is asked to train under Faizi. Suman looks at him scared
Sid is asked to train under Sanjana and Monami under Karan. Karan asks them to train well and win lots of medal. They all agree. Faizi looks angrily at Suman as he recalls what she did with Koel. Karan says the training will be difficult and he can’t treat her better. Monami says he don’t need to treat her special as they have only trainer cadet relationship and it’s better to stay that way. Karan agrees. Koel tries walking when Abhay comes there. He lashes out at her for using Nikhil and says she deserves big punishment.

Precap : Abhay will break Koel’s leg as punishment. Sid and Monami will search through cadets details to get Koyal’s contact and will call her.

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