Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 16th September 2022 Written Update: Anandibaa ask Emily to leave the house

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Episode starts with Pinky hiding inside the store room and complains about all the problems she is facing. Gunjan ask her to stay there in order to fulfill their plan and proclaims that if she comes out then their ploy will get exposed. She also makes Pinky emotional stating that Aagya will also divorce her, if he finds out about their truth. She requests Pinky to bear some trouble for her, while the latter agrees. Meanwhile, Emily tells Anandibaa that Moti Baa doesn’t used to like her also, but she still managed to please her with her continuous efforts. She says that she will also do the same to impress her and Moti Baa’s spirit.

Here, Anandibaa agrees to give a chance to Emily but proclaims that she doesn’t think the latter will be able to do it. She ask Emily to do whatever she wants, but says that it’s hard to please Moti Baa. She then starts praying in front of the Moti Baa’s portrait and says that she never wanted to get Aarav married to Emily but it was the circumstances which made her do it.

Anandibaa apologizes to Moti Baa and ask her to understand the situation. She tries to calm the ghost of Anandibaa, while Emily ask Payal about Moti Baa. She ask the latter to tell her everything about Moti Baa, to which Payal starts notifying her about the latter. She then takes Emily to the store room in order to show the stuffs of the latter.

Elsewhere, Pinky gets alert and hides inside the drum, while Emily and Payal gets scared as they enters the store room. They thinks that Moti Baa’s spirit is inside the store room and is keeping an eye on them. They becomes scared and then moves towards the drum. They searches for Moti Baa’s stuffs and gets some musical cassettes.

Emily gets elated seeing the musical taste of Moti Baa and gets an idea to impress her. Anandibaa shares her fear with Gunjan while the latter smirks seeing her plan working. Meanwhile, Emily comes there dresses up as a dancer and starts performing. She says that she loves to sing and dance and proclaims that Moti Baa will get impressed by it.

Ahead, the wind starts blowing and everyone gets scared. Gunjan starts her acting and says that Moti Baa is getting angry. Anandibaa rebukes at Emily for her behavior and scolds her for making Baa angry. She ask the latter to leave the house immediately, while she gets heart broken and runs away from there.

Emily cries while Lord Krishan plays flute to console her. She shares her problem with him and tells that she fails evey time she tries to impress Anandibaa. He motivates her with his words and ask her to keep doing her hard work. He assures that one day everything will surely get fine.

Further, Gunjan was about to give food to Pinky while Anandibaa mixes spices into it thinking that she is giving the food to Anandibaa’s ghost. Pinky eats it without any choice while they all moves away from there. Pinky calls Gunjan as she feels the spices, but the latter ask her to stay inside only. Meanwhile, Emily decides to give more spicy food to Moti Baa and goes inside the store room. They keeps the food and then runs away, while Gunjan smirks seeing her plan working.

Precap:- Emily gets excited and tells everyone that Moti Baa has accepted her sweet dish. Anandibaa proclaims that it doesn’t prove anything and states that if Moti Baa gives a clear sign that she likes Emily before her last puja, then Emily can stay with them orelse she will have to leave the house. Meanwhile, Aarav gets stunnee seeing his and Emily’s picture on the wall and shows it to everyone. Emily gets happy and says that it is the clear sign from Moti Baa that she likes her.

Episode starts with Gunjan spotting Aarav and Emily sleeping together on the terrace. She smirks and plans to disturb their peaceful sleep. She takes Pinky towards them and states that their plan is working as per their need. She proclaims that by throwing Emily out of Aarav’s life, she will make a space for Pinky to marry him. She keeps reminding Pinky about their motive, while the latter compliments Aarav and Emily as a couple. She praises that they both looks good together, while Gunjan gets furious and ask her to concentrate on their plan to scare the Sanghanis, so that Anandibaa will start believing in Moti Baa’s ghost.

Here, Gunjan smirks and goes towards Aarav and Emily. She makes Pinky hides from there and then pours the water upon both of them in order to wake them up. They both gets shocked and jolted up. Aarav realises about the situation, while Gunjan states that ghosts can cone to terrace also. Emily becomes scared hearing about the ghost and goes towards Aarav while he ask her not to be afraid.

Aarav consoles Emily that there isn’t anything as ghost and gives comfort to her. She looks at Gunjan being nervous, while they hears Anandibaa’s voice coming towards them. Aarav gets worried and proclaims that if Anandibaa sees him along with Emily, then she won’t spare him. He ask the latter to run away from there and himself also goes away in order to avoid his mother.

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