Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 19th May 2021 Written Update: Darsh apologises to Nandini

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Episode starts with Darsh accusing Nandini for marrying him to get the property. He accuses her for causing pain to Shobhit, while she keeps denying it. Rajvi interferes in between them and reveals that Nandini is innocent. She states that Vanlata have kept the condition in front of her and Nandini is not aware of it. Vipul gets shocked learning about it and scolds Rajvi for spoiling their children’s life. Whereas, Rajvi rebuke Darsh for misbehaving with Nandini. She reveals the incident when Vanlata proposes the condition in front of her. Namrata confronts Rajvi and gets angry at her for accepting the condition.

She questions her love for Shobhit, whereas Rajvi demands to talk to Shobhit in order to ask him for lying to her. She states that he haven’t told her about Charmi. Meanwhile, Nandini demands to talk to Charmi, to clear the blame she have putted on her. Rajvi apologises to Nandini for bearing all the pain and torture from Darsh. She declairs that she trusts her. Chetan goes to call Shobhit to clear the matter.

Vipul shouts and gets furious at Rajvi for not caring about Shobhit. She tries to explain her prospective and expresses her love for Shobhit. At that time Chetan comes with Shobhit and states that he was crying with Charmi’s photo in his hand. She confronts him and ask why he lied to her? Darsh also comes there and questions him for his sacrifice. She demands to meet Charmi, while Shobhit says that she have left.

They couldn’t able to get his meaning. Darsh states that why Charmi will lie and accuses Nandini. Meanwhile, she tries to prove her innocence. Rakla gets restless, whereas Gunjan comes forward stating that she is unaware of all the matter. Rajvi shows her trust on her. Rajvi says that maybe Vanlata have is behind everything. She thinks that Vanlata would have locked Charmi.

Parul questions Rajvi that why she agreed for Vanlata’s condition? To which she replies that she wanted to see. Darsh’s happy. She stands with Nandini proclaiming that she trusts her and further rebukes Darsh for his ill-behaviour. She says that she have done so much for Darsh’s love but he destroyed everything. Her health starts deteriorating, while Nandini comforts her.

Nandini expresses her pain and blames herself responsible for the problem. She states that she should have investigated about Shobhit and Gunjan’s marriage as she was doubtful about it. Shobhit says that due to him Charmi have suffered the most. Vipul comforts Shobhit as he keeps crying.

Rajvi blames herself responsible for Nandini’s sufferings. She again apologises to her, while Nandini assures her. Vipul scolds Darsh and ask him to apologise to Nandini. He moves towards Nandini and remembers his tortures on her. Nandini states that he isn’t still convinced that she is not behind all the chaos. She declares that she can prove her innocence by confronting Charmi and Vanlata. But, then says that her self-respect is more then anything. She states that he have ruined his image in front of her and denies to forgive him. Meanwhile, he keeps apologising to her. Nandini declares to leave him shocking everyone.

Precap:- Nandini sits inside the car, while Darsh regrets his mistake and keeps begging her to stay. He apologises to her but she goes from there leaving him shattered.

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