Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Weekly Update: Nandini decides to visit Bansuri after learning about her condition.

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Darsh and Nandini come face to face

The gripping storyline of Star Plus popular daily soap “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha” filled with twists and plots is making it engaging to the audiences.

This week Vini skips her school and went to confront Darsh without informing Nandini. She gets inside Rawal’s house and shouts Darsh’s name. She mistakenly drops Charmi’s bag and her doctor’s visiting card gets scattered. Charmi comes there and panics seeing it, she hurridly puts it inside the bag and scolds Vini.

Ahead, everyone gathers there. Darsh comes and gets shocked seeing Vini. She blames him for snatching her mother’s contract and demands him to apologise to her. He denies and they both starts their funny banter. Everyone laughs witnessing them, while Rajvi remembers Nandini seeing Vini.

Darsh forcefully takes Vini to her house. Meanwhile, Shobhit finds out about Darsh’s donor and informs him about it. Vini smartly moves from there as Darsh gets distracted thinking about Jhunjhunwala’s death and decides to meet his family.

Here, Charmi says that she can’t compromise on her career for Darsh, while Rawal’s understands her perspective. Later, she gets Darsh call and gets worried as he ask her to prepare a sweet for their company. She informs Rawal’s about it making them shock.

Nandini gets tensed thinking about moneylenders and promises herself to protect Vini. She ask Mahesh for help and decides to stay in his house for some days. She packs her bag and mistakenly drinks alcohol assuming it to be cough syrup. At that time Darsh comes there. She throws a bucket full of water thinking him to be a moneylender.

Darsh gets shocked, while Nandini remembers her moments with him. She comes back to reality and glares him. He shows his condolence towards her and ask about Jhunjhunwala’s death. She gets confused seeing that he can’t able to recognise her and starts feeling tipsy. She gets unconscious, while Vini comes there and worries about her mother.

Darsh learns about Vini being Jhunjhunwala’s granddaughter. Whereas, Nandini rebukes Darsh due to alcohol effect. He makes her drink water and eat curd to make her gain conscious. He calls for doctor, while Charmi gets a call to attend Nandini. She goes to treat Nandini but hides herself seeing Darsh’s car. She covers her face with mask and gets inside her house.

Elsewhere, Rawal’s ask Bansuri for help to make sweet but she denies. Vanlata learns about it and informs Gunjan. She ask Gunjan to help Rawal’s to get access inside their house. She prepares sweets but it tastes disgusting. Rajvi prohibits everyone from telling the truth about the bad taste to Gunjan, while Vipul worries thinking about Darsh’s idea about launching Nandini’s sweet.

Nandini introduces herself as Jhunjhunwala’s daughter ‘Ishani’ to Darsh and concludes that Rawal’s must have thrown her pictures tht is why Darsh couldn’t able to recognise her. Meanwhile, he advice her to stop her drinking habit.

Charmi comes to treat Nandini but couldn’t able to see her face. She gives ointment for her injury and tries to go, while Darsh ask her about an eye cream for his wife. She feels bad for him as he isn’t aware of the truth and leaves from there. Meanwhile, Darsh puts ointment to Nandini’s injury making her emotional. Vini also cares for her mother, while Nandini ask Vini to lie to Darsh and goes from there.

Further, Nandini feels hurt remembering her past. She cries getting flashback of Darsh and his family’s allegations. She determines herself to move on from the past and focus only on Vini.

Bansuri tries to make sweets like Nandini but fails. Shobhit also tries to help them, while Naveen appreciates his effort. Meanwhile, he blames himself for their misery.

Darsh takes Nandini inside and ask her to quit drinking. Vini tries to send him away, while Darsh ask Nandini to discard all the alcohol bottles. She agrees in order to get rid of him. He appreciates her effort, whereas she rebukes him for interfering in her life.

Vanlata spots Darsh inside Nandini’s house and keels an eye on him. She couldn’t able to see Nandini’s face but smirks thinking to expose his extra marital affair. Vini sees her and teaches her a lesson.

Ahead, Nandini throws wastes on Darsh to send him away from her house and closes the door on his face feeling relieved.

Gunjan gets inside Rawal’s house and enjoys their special treatment. She misses the luxury, while Charmi comes there. Gunjan gets shocked seeing her and rebukes her. Rajvi scolds Gunjan and notify her how Charmi is helping them. She gets furious and thinks about the reason for which Charmi is helping Rawal’s. Whereas, Charmi tells Rajvi about her encounter with Darsh. She gets worried, while Rajvi consoles her.

Here, moneylenders comes to Nandini’s house. She and Vini gets scared. She sends Vini inside and faces the debt collectors, but they starts harassing them. Vanlata enjoys the drama, while Darsh comes there and fights with the goons to protect Nandini.

Goons gets scared of Darsh and runs away. Meanwhile, he helps Nandini stating that he will protect them to return Jhunjhunwala’s favour. She sends him away. Elsewhere, Shobhit comes to take Gunjan and sees Charmi. She thinks that he still cares for her but he goes away after warning her that her lie will soon gets disclose.

Gunjan shares her pain with Rajvi, while she also shares her emotions. She remembers Nandini and regrets their mistake. Later, she teaches Charmi about Nandini’s habits. Whereas, Gunjan gets restless thinking about Charmi and determines to expose her in front of Darsh.

Further, Darsh notify Charmi about Jhunjhunwala being his donor and tells about his family. He says that their shouldn’t be any secret between them, while she looks at him being emotional.

Mahesh comes to meet Nandini and gets surprised seeing her luxurious house. He confronts her for saying lie to him, to which she apprises him about her problems. He shows sympathy towards her and notify about the 3 contracts she have got. Vini and Nandini gets elated learning about it and shows her gratitude towards Mahesh.

Rawal’s servant Jenal gets confused seeing Darsh addressing Charmi as Nandini but Rajvi comes there and takes her aqua handling the situation. She apprises her about Nandini’s death and ask her to act along with them.

Darsh informs Rajvi about Jhunjhunwala’s family and their financial problems. He states about helping them indirectly and gets worried about their safety. Rajvi advice him to talk them and finally he agrees. He have a conversation with Vini and they starts their funny banter. Meanwhile, Nandini warns him not to interfere in their life.

Elsewhere, Gunjan rebukes Bansuri making her scared. She gets an attack, while Gunjan smirks thinking about her evil ploy to expose Charmi.

Darsh gets inside Nandini’s house and fix a security camera for their safety. Nandini scolds him, while Vini gets excited learning that they can be aware of moneylenders. At that time Gunjan calls Darsh informing her about Bansuri’s condition. He gets worried and informs Charmi about it asking her to come to Bansuri’s house, while she notify Rajvi about it. Meanwhile, Nandini also gets tensed for her sister and decides to visit her.

Darsh takes Charmi inside Bansuri’s house, while Gunjan smirks thinking about her plan. Whereas, Rajvi apprises Naveen about their lie and ask him to handle the situation in his house.

Later, Bansuri wakes up and says that Charmi is not Nandini. Darsh gets shocked and tries to convince her, but she stays firm on her statement.

Now in the upcoming episode, Nandini will go to meet Bansuri in disguise. She will get emotional seeing her sister. Meanwhile, Rajvi will come there and gets dumbstruck seeing Nandini. Lot more drama and twists to come in “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha,” don’t miss watching the show.