Aarohi searches for Vasu: Ishq Mei Marjawan

In colorstv mysterious show Ishq Mei Marjawan, viewers to witness a new twist with Aarohi doubts on Tara and claims she has kidnapped Deep’s mother.

In the serial Ishq Mei Marjawan, Deep will doubt on Aarohi when his mother gets kidnapped. Deep will put Aarohi’s father behind the bars saying he has kidnapped his mother. Aarohi will shout at Deep and will ask why he can’t let her live in peace. Deep gives her limited time and asks her to bring back her mother otherwise he won’t free her father. Aarohi decides to follow Deep’s instruction to save her father.

Further, in the upcoming episode will see, Aarohi will receive an unknown man call and asks her to pay INR 40lakhs if she wants Vasu to get free. Aarohi runs to Deep and tells his mother is with him. Aarohi redials that number and the person on the side said he doesn’t ask for any money. Deep gets angry at Aarohi and gives her 2hrs time to bring back his mother else he will harm her father. Aarohi took the money and went to the place where the Kidnaper has asked her. Kidnapper says you wanted me to expose in front of Deep. Aarohi apologized for her mistake. Aarohi finds a direction letters and steps towards the direction and reaches a building. Aarohi searches for Vasu inside the building when someone shoots her from behind. Aarohi tries to defend the girl thinking she is Tara but the girl hits her back. Aarohi fells down and Netra unmasked her. Netra will reveal her mission as for what she came to Deep’s life. She will laugh thinking Deep and Aarohi thinks no one can play games better than them but they are wrong.

So, what is Netra’s mission and do she is the one who has kidnaped Vasundhra?, time will only tell.

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