Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 13th January 2023 Written Update: Saviour finds Bala’s whereabouts

Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 13th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Simsim telling Dadi that she hid many secrets about Mustafa. Why he keeps visiting this house and goes to the room. If there’s any secret door. She says she will know the secrets from Dadi’s heart. Her heart says Mustafa lives in different world and the way to reach him is going through the cupboard. Simsim asks her which cupboard? Alifi sees the shocking scene and hides in fear. She thinks she can’t cry like this but she has to do something to save Dadi from Simmi Jaan. She gets up and gets shocked on finding Simsim. She asks Alifi what she is doing here? Alifi says she is looking for Poya and she sat because her feet was sprained. Simsim says Alifi should be careful else the shadow might turn her into shadow as well. Alifi goes to room, Simsim says she has to find the door to reach Mustafa’s different world.

She is sure that saviour is Mustafa only. Thieves tell that they can feel the saviour is near them. Monk gives a special sword to Farishta saying it has enough power to defeat Bala, he advises Farishta to recall guardian angels before using the sword. Farishta accepts it saying he won’t disappoint him. Simsim opens the cupboard and gets shocked seeing the shine coming from it. The thieves enter the place where the monks are staying. They attack the monks and try to find the Farishta. The head monk hides from them and the thieves learn that Saviour is trying to turn the puppets into humans. They go to Bala’s cave to find the saviour. Simsim fails to enter Mustafa’s world and says she will find out all the secrets of Mustafa and she won’t spare him this time. She leaves her magical power and enters the world. Alifi notices her. Simsim turns into her real self and says Mustafa’s death has come near. She goes inside the door and gets stunned seeing the atmosphere.

Alifi says she learned Simmi Jaan’s truth and she only vanished Ali and now she wants to kill Dadi as well. Alifi says she won’t let Simmi Jaan come out of the door. She will remain there forever. Alifi says they gave her shelter but she tried to harm their Dadi. Alifi sets the cupboard on fire saying she will protect her family at any cost. The Farishta enters the Parbaaz and everyone wonders who is he? He thinks he will get the solution here only. The alcohol seller asks Farishta to drink alcohol but Farishta asks about Bala’s whereabouts. The alcohol seller says he will die as Bala kills everyone. Farishta says he will fight her and he is not afraid. He warns the seller and learns the address of Bala. Farishta meets a worker who says he wants to accompany Farishta as he is frustrated with his life. He wants to do something on his own. Farishta says he doesn’t need his help. The worker says he knows how to find Bala and he can help Farishta. Farishta allows him. Simsim praises Mustafa’s world and she shouts his name. She walks on the pool and it starts to break. She gets shocked and thinks Mustafa cant win over her.

Precap- Farishta asks the worker where they are going. They go to a witch who has no eyes. She can show them the further path.

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