Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 14th January 2023 Written Update: Simsim meets Mustafa after solving his riddle

Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 14th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Simsim trying to balance on the bridge but it breaks in the end. She almost falls down but then holds the end of the cliff. She gets saved somehow. There the Farishta reaches dark place with Hasan and a woman looks possessed completely. Farishta frees her from the evil power and she gets back to normal. Hasan asks her if she is fine. Alifi finds Dadi inside the box. She feels sad for her and there Poya weeps for Nafi, he says if Farishta doesn’t help him get back Nafi then he will get heartbroken. Alifi overhears his words. Simsim starts running and says angrily she won’t accept her defeat but she will face Mustafa with dauntless spirit to save Iblis. She says without magic also she is powerful enough to face him. She shouts Mustafa and the land starts moving she saves herself from falling down.

The witch appears to attack Farishta and the Hasan again. She tells Farishta you saved the kid but who will save you from me? She attacks them with her magic and Farishta escapes. The witch is about to attack Hasan but one cage captures her. Farishta chokes her and asks her the address of Bala. The witch refuses to tell him. He threatens her to kill her if she stays quiet. The witch finally says they have to go to a dessert and then they have to cross an internal world too. Hasan says he knows about the internal world and he can guide Farishta. Farishta kills the witch at last as noone needs her in this world anymore. She gets destroyed and they leave.

Simsim reaches near a door where some stones are shining. She says it’s a riddle of colors and being a human how can Mustafa test her capabilities. She says but she will pass the test. She tries to fill the other stones in the gaps but the door is not opening. The thieves reach Tabiya’s place to search for Farishta. One thief picks Tabiya witch’s ashes and assumes that surely Farishta killed the Tabiya witch and headed towards Bala. There Farishta asks Hasan how long they need to walk, Hasan mentions Tilasmi Nabina who can guide them the further path to reach Bala. Farishta says he heard of her who has no eyes, Tilasmi Nabina laughs and Hasan gets scared. She asks a question to Farishta before allowing him to enter. He gives right answer and she permits him to enter. He says he wants Bala, she says it’s not easy to face Bala. He says he is determined to defeat her and he won’t lose. Tilasmi Nabina turns back and scares Hasan with her face having no eyes. She says only time will tell if he is able to defeat Bala or not.

Simsim finally solves the riddle and opens the door. She finds Mustafa is standing and he says she finally solved the riddle, but he did a good job by making a magical world where her magic couldn’t enter. She says but he couldn’t stop her from coming here. He comes towards her and she says finally he is in front of her after all these years.

Precap- Simsim warns Mustafa to reveal the saviour’s name else the Parbaaz’s people will turn into puppets. Farishta learns a shocking secret from the monk. Hasan says whoever comes to this place doesn’t return back alive.

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