Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 14th September 2022 Written Update: Mariam meets Ali in disguise

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 14th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali telling everyone that previous Sultan was truly a generous person and they will take revenge of his death from the thieves. Mariam hears his words and gets emotional. Ali says he can understand how does it feel to lose your father. But you have to live with that pain. He says Mariam’s father was empathetic to Kabul people and they will start praying for him so that he gets place in heaven for his good deeds. Everyone utters Amen for Sultan’s soul. Mariam also prays for the peace of her father’s soul. Zorabar comes and claps in front of everyone. He says Ali should get reward for his brilliant acting, he didn’t call this gathering for Sultan’s demise but for his own selfish motive. He says Kabul people should not waste their time behind Ali but they should leave. Ali thinks why Zorabar appeared at the wrong time. Kabul people start leaving the place and thieves plan to set the place on fire to catch Sehzaadi.

Everyone panics seeing the fire and runs here and there. Mariam gets trapped inside the fire ring and the thief notices the Talisman in her hand. Thief is about to head towards her but Ali makes his shawl wet by putting it into the water. He covers his body with that and rushes to save Mariam. There Dadi says the time has come for them to get united. Ali lifts Mariam up and they share an eye lock. Ali saves her from the fire and notices the royal mark on her hand. He understands that she is Sehzaadi. She feels helpless looking at him and then the thief separates them by applying magic. Mariam escapes from there and runs at full speed. Ali chases her and tells her to stop. Baizaad’s men also try to chase her. The thief decides to inform Simsim about Sehzaadi.

Ali tells Mariam to stop but she runs away and gets caught by Baizaad’s men. She tries to free herself and Ali sees that. He thinks he has to save Sehzaadi. He throws arrows at the men and they get hurt. Mariam gets chance to escape again. She thinks how long she will hide from the men who are after her. Ali’s kids talk about making 40 stones to attack the thieves. They get the scope when Baizaad’s men pass by their house. Kids throw the stones at them and they get surprised seeing Ali there. Mariam looks for different clothes in the market when her cover falls off. She steals some clothes and says sorry as she doesn’t have any choice. She has to disguise herself. Ali gets surprised looking at her in disguise. He fails to recognise her and teases her. Mariam gets nervous thinking if he recognised her or not. He treats her like his friend and Zorabar arrives. She runs from there in fear.

Zorabar tells Ali to have some shame as he was trying to catch Sehzaadi by calling a gathering to show off. Ali mocks him saying he will never reach Sehzaadi but she will come to Ali first. He challenges Zorabar they he will fool him by finding Sehzaadi first. Zorabar says he must be joking as he cant even handle his own family. Thieves inform Simsim about their failure and she gets hyper. She shouts at them for failing to get the Talisman again. She says they are all slaves of Iblis and if they can’t find the gem then she will get it herself for her lover Iblis. She pleads Iblis to give her some time more. She will bring the Talisman for him.

Precap- Ali suspects Mariam as thief and he chases her. He gets shocked seeing that she is a girl not a man. She hides from him and falls on him by mistake.

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