Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th September 2022 Written Update: Priya gets to know about Nandini’s real motive!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Priya saying we can do Pihu’s admission here only, and we need to stay together as Pihu likes it when we stay together. Ram says yes for Pihu we need to leave our fight behind and start a new phase of life. Ram thanks her for understanding the matter and giving it all a chance. Pihu looks from far and smiles. Pihu thinks I don’t know what they are talking about but seeing them smile makes me happy. Pihu smiles and goes. Vedika sees her smile and asks her. Pihu says I am happy to see Ram and Priya happy. Vedika thinks I will make their happiness go. Vedika drops the card so that Priya sees it. Priya’s phone falls and she picks it up when Sandy comes so she misses to see the card. Vedika gets irritated as her plan failed. Sandy says I need to talk to you urgently. Priya says okay. Sandy says come with me, I have informed Meera to tell Pihu. Priya leaves with Sandy.

Nandini and Shubham come to Vedika and tell her how Sandy has seen the card and is part of their plan. Nandini says we need to keep calm as we tried a lot to make them apart and this time we will make Ram get scared of losing Pihu. Here, Sandy tells Priya about seeing the lawyer’s card and how Ram might be filing for Pihu’s custody. Priya asks Meera if she feels Ram can do this? Meera says I don’t think so Ram can do it. Priya says even I feel so. Sandy says don’t think emotionally but think logically. Priya says Ram might have problems with me but he loves Pihu and for her happiness he wouldn’t do it. Sandy says then why would he ask Shubham for this card.

Here, Shubham tells Ram about the new client who is from Dubai and he will leave today so we need to go to airport tonight. Ram says not today. Shubham thinks I need to take Ram to the airport today. Nandini comes and scolds them for talking about work today, go and enjoy with Pihu. Ram says yes, but Priya is not here. Nandini says so what you go. Ram says okay. Nandini gets a call from Mr. Chaddha who informs her that Krish came to meet him. Nandini says okay. Nandini thinks now work has started.

Here, Krish informs Priya, Sandy and Meera about how he got to know from lawyer that Ram filled the case for custody. Priya says I don’t believe it, I feel it’s Nandini’s plan she wants us to believe Ram is doing all this, if Ram wanted this then he wouldn’t have talked to me like that. Priya asks Krish not to find more about this and let her handle it.

Here, Shubham tells Ram about lawyer’s call. Pihu asks who? Ram says nothing just about work. They leave. Shubham and Nandini talk how now their plan will be successful and Priya will leave this house. Later, Priya comes home when Vedika gives her shopping bags to Tarun. Priya aska Tarun about Pihu. Tarun says Pihu and Ram went somewhere. Priya says they haven’t told me anything. Vedika says you really think Ram will tell you everything he does with his daughter? I just wanted to tell you that now with Pihu in Ram’s life, I will also be a part of Pihu’s life. Priya says you will never be part of her life. Vedika says I hope you know me and Ram are together. Priya says why are you telling me this? You are after Ram for his money. Vedika says I am talking so nicely to you but you are insulting me. Priya says that’s what I am thinking why are you talking with so much respect? You have some motive? Vedika says I am always on Ram’s side. Priya says so Ram asked you to slip that visiting card infront of me for me to see it? Vedika is shocked and leaves.

Later, Priya is in her room worried, when Tarun gives her a parcel which is for Ram. Priya takes it and sees it says Pihu’s passport. Priya opens the parcel and calls the person who sent it. That person confirms that Ram had asked him to make it and he himself came here. Priya worries and gets tensed. It is shown that Shubham is sitting infront of that passport person and gives him money. Priya comes and sees Pihu and Ram. Pihu says how they saw so many ganpati ji and that too without any line. Ram says we went through VIP. Pihu says I will give you prasad. Ram goes to ask Tarun if any parcel came for him. Priya thinks to talk to Ram calmly as he might have valid reasons for the passport. She goes to Ram but sees Ram and Shubham talk. Ram says I met him and talked to him. Priya worries and leaves. Shubham reveals how it’s about a trust Ram wants to open for Pihu. Here, Priya comes to Pihu and asks her where else Ram took her? Pihu says I can’t tell you as Ram asked me not to. Priya says you don’t love me right? Pihu says I do, I don’t know the name but we went to meet a man in black coat. Priya gets shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Krish confirms to Priya that Ram is filing for sole custody of Pihu. Priya decides to run away with Pihu.

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