Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 15th September 2022 Written Update: Ali and Mariam get into an argument

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 15th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Khurram ordering Ali and Zorabar to leave Parbaaz without searching for anyone. Ali asks him who the hell he is, that he is asking them to leave? Zorabar says this is their Parbaaz and they won’t take anyone’s order. Khurram’s men threaten both of them. Zorabar and Ali call their own men to start a fight. Khurram leaves in fear and says he will be back again. Ali taunts Zorabar that Khurram should have taught some manners to him. Zorabar says he will get Sehzaadi first before Ali. Ali thinks now he has to make him lose by finding Sehzaadi. In Kabul Shahi, Saddam gives his size to the tailor for his royal clothes. He tells him to make the perfect one to show off. He asks Yajood in private that if he got any information about Mariam. Yajood replies no and Saddam yells at him. He tells him to get out and shouts in anger.

Afrid tries to sacrifice his life for his failure and Simsim says the thieves are not allowed to die without bringing the Talisman. Afrid says he will get the gem for her at any cost. Poya and other kids talk about attacking Khurram’s men to Ali. Ali gets upset with them for going out of the house in this dangerous situation. Gulrez and Alifi tell him that the other kids hide their actions from them as they don’t support it. Ali forgives his kids and gives them delicious naan. He also gives it to Dadi. Dadi says did he get the girl? He says he is trying his best. She says he will find him for sure.

Ali finds that one of his clothes is missing. He suspects Mariam as thief whom he saw in disguise earlier. Kasim comes there and mentions Musa and Ali acts like he doesn’t know him. He asks who is Musa? Kasim doesn’t reveal anything to him. Ali tells his friends about Mariam stole his cloth. He finds Mariam on his way and chases her. Mariam says she bought it in return of five coins from black market. Ali says that’s his cloth. He catches her and thinks she is a man. He checks the stitches on his clothes and says this proves it belongs to him. He tells her to take it off. She refuses and he calls her shameless and she laughs at him due to some misspelled words from his mouth and the wish gets fulfilled due to contact of the lockets. Mariam feels why she is laughing for no reason. She says he should fall and her wish also gets fulfilled and he falls down.

He says she is a bad omen. She runs away from him and he tries to catch her to get his cloth. He wishes that his cloth should be taken off from her. Mariam sees its happening for real due to the magic of lockets. She gets surprised and hides from Ali. Ali gets shocked seeing her long hair and says it means the thief is a girl. She falls on him by mistake and he is about to see her face but due to curtain between them he fails. She runs away again and later gets caught by Baizaad’s men again. Ali tells Khusro that his luck is bad that he couldn’t find Sehzaadi yet and neither he could catch the thief. He sees a beggar and the latter acts helpless and asks for money. Ali interrogates him with Khusro and the latter reveals about Mariam how she got caught by some men and she had the royal mark on her hand too. Ali thinks it means she was Sehzaadi and he has to reach her to get the reward.

Precap- Ali decides to go to Zumma Bazaar to find Sehzaadi as there the girls will be sold. Simsim tells the thieves be prepared as in Zumma Bazaar Mariam will be found.

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