Ali Baba Dastaan-e-Kabul 7th January 2023 Written Update: Nazia allows Simsim to stay in her house

Ali Baba Dastaan-e-Kabul 7th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Khusro and Garifa pleading Nazia not to throw Simmi Jaan out of the house. Poya gets an idea to give some money to Nazia. He says to get Simmi Jaan, Abdali has to give two thousand coins to them. Abdali gets ready to give the coins and Nazia feels greedy seeing the coins. She thinks she can’t lose Simmi Jaan that easily as she will give her gold eggs. Nazia says if Simmi Jaan wants to stay here then she can. Simmi Jaan says she would like to stay here, Abdali says he needs her but Nazia says she will take care of Simmi Jaan but won’t be able to give excellent comfort to her. Abdali says good bye to Simsim and says if she needs anything then she can inform him. Simsim smirks and thinks she has to find out who are these Nazia, Dadi if they are relatives of Saviour.

Saviour sees the evil power during the ritual. He gets alert and later Simsim praises Garifa and Khusro for protecting her. Garifa and Khusro argue over who will stay with Simmi Jaan. Whom she belongs to, they mention Noora Dadi who predicted the future during Darar-e-khala. Simsim wonders if they are talking about Dadi. Khusro reveals Noora Dadi was the one who safely came out of the cave and didn’t die. In flashback Noora sees the people are getting killed by the thieves and she gets afraid. Flashback ends. Simsim says if Noora is related to Mustafa as he was there too that time. She asks about that to Garifa and Khusro. Before they could tell anything someone calls them from outside.

The monks apologise to the mystery for not turning the puppet into human even after trying so hard. Simsim gets into thinking why the saviour’s words are similar like Mustafa’s words. How he is related to Mustafa, she tortures Dadi to know the truth how are they connected else she will turn her family members into puppets. Abdali buys some jewels for Simmi jaan and Khusro Garifa taunt him saying if he is buying it for his daughter. Abdali says Simmi Jaan is his beloved and Khusro Garifa tell him that Simmi Jaan will get married to one of them not to Abdali who is like her father. Abdali gets offended and announces a fight saying whoever will defeat him will get to marry Simmi Jaan.

Kids get upset as Nazia is making them do household chores, Poya says they deserve to get toys and clothes but noone gives them that. Alifi says she made clothes for them from the left pieces of Nazia’s clothes. Alifi doesn’t make dress for herself so they feel she sacrificed for them. Poya says Ali should come back soon, Alifi is selfless like Ali. Poya looks for Dadi if she ate or not. Dadi is missing and he gets worried for her. He informs the other kids, Simsim says the same courage can be seen in Dadi’s eyes which she saw in Mustafa’s eyes. Who is she in real? Dadi struggles to talk and Nafi finds Simsim inside the room.

Precap- Nafi tries to tell about Simsim to kids. Monks discuss about Simsim’s cave.

The episode starts with Zamrud asking Poya about the Black shadow in his house. Poya mockingly tells them that they can’t hide the truth anymore but Nazia is the real shadow. Zamrud decides to inform Abdali about Nazia. Simsim talks to Khusro and Garifa sweetly. Khusro stammers while talking. Simsim thinks she can get to learn many secrets from them. She asks them when she was taken away by the shadow what happened after that. Khusro later meets the mystery guy who asks him to give him some puppets. Khusro gives him that and then he tells about Simsim’s arrival to the mystery guy. He replies they should focus on sorting out issues instead of arguing. Khusro says he talks like Ali.

Garifa talks to Simsim and gets mesmerized looking at her beauty. She asks him how he saved her. Garifa cooks up stories that how he found her and saved her from the shadow bravely. She thinks he is such a liar. She says she saw the saviour but. Garifa says thats not possible. Maybe he looks like saviour from far so she saw him. Simsim gets irked hearing his lies. There Abdali misses Simmi Jaan and cries for her. Zamrud asks him if he is mad for her. Abdali says she was crazy for him and wanted to marry him. He says god knows where is Simmi Jaan. Zamrud informs him saying he found the address of Simmi Jaan and Black shadow both. Abdali gets shocked to hear that. He says maybe shadow got a shelter. Zamrud says that Simmi Jaan is in Nazia’s house. Nazia is the black shadow. Nazia arrives with her open hair and it scares Abdali. Abdali asks her if she is here to make him puppet. Nazia says she came here to tell him to take Simmi Jaan back. She gets angry at him. Simsim keeps on asking Khusro and Garifa about the saviour.

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