Anbe Shivam: Iniya to go missing

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Zee Tamil daily soap Anbe Shivam is getting interesting with Shivam getting worried when he doesn’t find Iniya!

In the previous episodes it was seen that Shivam spilled that he needs to go to the court in front of the house owner grandma and her granddaughter. The latter got shocked. But Iniya handled the situation. Shivam took Iniya with him to the court as he doesn’t want to leave her alone in the house. In the court Shivam and Iniya were surprised on seeing Shivam’s friends there. Shivam’s friends found a client. Shivam and one friend took the client inside the court while another friend is asked to be with Iniya. But as the client case file was left with the another friend, he also left searching for Shivam. Iniya was left alone.

In today’s episode it’s shown shown that Shiva’s will get fees for his first case in Chennai. He will realize that Iniya isn’t with him and will ask his friend about her. His friend will say that he left Iniya alone. Shivam will slap him and will look for Iniya. Shivam will get worried not finding Iniya. Just then he will receive a call from an unknown number. The person will claim that he is helping Iniya as captive. The person will threaten Shivam to send Iniya’s a finger, if he informs police. Shivam will go to look around for Iniya again, but he will come across Aarasi and Rajasekar and will get mocked by them.

Who Kidnapped Iniya? Where Iniya is now? Aarasi has her hand in this?

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