Ansh to stab the entire family in Nazar

Star plus supernatural show Nazar is all set to entertain their audience again this week. But before heading for what is in store for the viewers of the show on the television, let us give you all an exclusive sneak peek about tonight’s episode. As we have seen in the last episode Shalaka and Adi indulge in a fight where Shalaka break the doll and Adi starts crying. On the other hand, Mohana is creating havoc in the family with her antics.

In tonight episode viewers will get to see Shalaka was about to take away Adi but Pia and Ansh reaches at the spot on pick time and will be successful in taking away Adi with them. On the other hand, Chaitali stabbed Mohana with Trishul thinking she can’t fight against such divine things. But Mohana being unstoppable pull out it from her body and vowed to kill the entire family. Tonight she will attack everyone with the same Trishul while on the other hand Shalaka being unable to find out Pia and Adi gets angry on the family members and poisoned them for tricking her. Amidst of all these happenings in the house, Nishant Ji and Pandit will be looking for some solution. Suddenly Ansh will make an entry in the scene with an empowered sword and he will stab everyone with it. This will indeed be left everybody in shock whereas, on the other hand, Ansh will stab himself too at the end with that sword.

Well, this is something too shocking to know right? Now it will be interesting to see how will Pia save the family members and her love Ansh and son Adi from Mohana and Shalaka’s venomous games and plottings.

Will Adi be able to defeat Shalaka or Mohana? To find all these answers stay tuned to this space.