Anurag gets jealous in Kasauti Zindagi Kay2

Drama to galore high in, Star plus famous show Kasauti Zindagi Kay2 with Anurag’s father coming out from coma.

In the show ahead viewers will see Moloy will recall Komolika’s word and his accident. He will start getting consciousness and will finally awake. Doctor will inform that Moloy health is getting better. Komolika will get shocked hearing this and she will worry if he will tell the truth to the family. Everyone gets happy but Komolika pretends to be happy.

Otherside after overhearing Anurag’s word Komolika will scream in anger thinking Anurag was fooling her from these many days. She will say that this is all because of Prerna and now she will kill her too. Komolika will enter Anurag’s room. He will be shocked to see her. Komolika will help him wearing shirt. She will get romantic with him but he will excuse from there saying he has an important meeting. Komolika will get irked thinking why Anurag is not falling for her as she is trying hard.

Anurag gets jealous in Kasauti Zindagi Kay2

Later, Anurag will witness Prerna and Vikrant together and he will feel jealous. Vikrant comes to meet Prerna to discuss about their upcoming project. The duo will laugh and Anurag will get jealous seeing them. Anupam will tease Anurag saying if he loves her then why he is hiding his feeling. Anurag will say Komolika is a big hurdle.

Ahead in the story after Moloy getting out from coma Anurag will ask doctor not to let anybody meet him. When Prerna will try to meet Moloy doctor will stop her saying no one is allowed to meet him as Anurag doubts that someone has planned this accident. Komolika will hear it. What Komolika will do next to save her will be interesting to watch.

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