Anurag’s love confession and Komolika’s crime confession ahead in Kasauti Zindagi Kay2

Star Plus famous serial Kasauti Zindagi Kay2 to witness high voltage drama with Komolika’s crime confession and Anurag’s love confession.

Anurag’s love confession and Komolika’s crime confession ahead in Kasauti Zindagi Kay2

So, far in the soap with Moloy Basu gaining consciousness made Komolika stressed. This news was not less than a nightmare and she again decided to kill Moloy. Otherside everyone gets happy with this news and Prerna went hospital to see him. Doctor stopped her telling him the reason why no one can meet Moloy. Prerna gets shocked hearing that someone has planned this accident and she lost her father. There Komolika came up with the plan to enter Moloy’s room. She in disguise enters his room and threatens Moloy at knifepoint. Later, Komolika will confess all her crimes to Moloy and Moloy will slap Komolika.

Meanwhile Prerna will confront Anurag for hiding the truth from her. She will accuse him for hiding about his father death. The duo will have a huge argument on this. Prerna will also ask him not to stop her from meeting Moloy. Hearing, Prerna Anurag will pull her inside a room. The argument will continue between the duo and this time Anurag will confess his feelings to Prerna. He will tell her that he still feels for her and loves her.

How Prerna will react to this confession will be interesting to watch. Do she will believe him or not time will only tell. But for now enjoy Anurag’s love confession. Also how Moloy will react to Komolika’s crime confession it will also be entertaining.

As per the sources, Komolika’s track will come to an end in the show for now as reported earlier actress Hina Khan has other commitments to look forward. How much you will miss her on-screen, do let us know in the comment section.

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