Jaya and Samar to join hands to unite Vicky and Satya Devi

Sony TV show Main Mayyke Chali Jaungi is witnessing the track of middle age marriage of a mother with grown up married daughter. Jaya who is daughter of Satya ji wants her mother to be happy in life again. On the other hand the entire family of Surana is opposing the proposal and blaming Jaya for speaking something so wrong and unethical. Meanwhile Satya Devi declared she don’t want to meet Vicky henceforth. Samar and Jaya had an argument over the issue as well which made Jaya annoyed on Samar again.

In tonight episode viewers of the show will get to see Vicky who is hurt by the behaviour he got from his family and also Jaya bidding him last goodbye decided to leave the house forever and settled in US. He expected his family to stand besides him but instead they are the one who is opposing his alliance with Satya in full force. On the other hand Samar woke up at mid night and find Jaya looking at him angrily. Later they both made a plan to bring back Vicky and Satya Devi.

Next day when Vicky went to meet Satya and said he is leaving for US. Later on Samar will call Vicky and made a plan to unite him and Jaya and decided to make Satya realise her true feelings for Vicky. Tonight fans can see Vicky is meeting Satya Devi again in somewhere outside. Well let’s see if the trio of Jaya Samar and Vicky can make Satya Devi agree for the alliance.

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