Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 24th September 2021 Written Update: Rawals gets shocked seeing Toral inside their house

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Episode starts with Nandini completing Puja. Rajvi blesses her, while latter ask permission to donate food and clothes to the poor. Rajvi appreciate Nandini and gives her permission. Vini says that she also wants to go with her, whereas Nandini and Darsh leaves along with Vini. Charmi gets anxious looking at them.

Here, Rajvi gets worried thinking about Toral. Whereas, Vipul keeps searching for her near every possible places. He calls Rajvi and informs that he couldn’t able to find her, while latter informs that Darsh and Nandini have gone to distribute clothes to poor people. She worries stating that what if they come across Toral? She reminds that they have seen her picture and can easily recognise her. Vipul ask Rajvi to calm down and says that they will find Toral before Darsh and Nandini.

Darsh reaches temple along with Nandini and Vini. They starts distributing things to the poor people. At that time Nandini come across Toral and recognises her. She helps her and takes to wipe dirt from her face. She then remembers her to be Toral and notify about it to Darsh. He feels bad seeing her condition.

Elsewhere, Rajvi shares her tension with Vipul and Keshav. They ask her to relax, whereas she says that she can’t calm down before finding out about Toral. She says that she is getting negative feelings, while Keshav shows his disappointed towards the people whom they have given responsibility to keep Toral. Rajvi says that if she will go to search then it will be easy to find Toral. Keshav and Vipul tries to stop her but she moves away hurridly.

Darsh comes face to face with Toral, while Vini gets scared seeing her. Toral keeps blabbering things, while Nandini tries to calm her. She hugs Nandini, while they feels bad for her state. Nandini ask Darsh to take Toral to their house till she gets better, while he agrees and makes her sit inside the car.

Ahead, Toral comes inside Rawals house along with Nandini and Darsh. Rajvi, Vipul and Keshav comes face to face with her and gets shocked. Rajvi cokes forward, while Toral also faces her. Toral feels dizzy and gets unconscious, while Nandini holds her.

Nandini informs everyone how she met Toral and brings her home. She assures Rajvi that Toral will get fine soon. At that time doctor comes there and checks Toral. He says that she have weakness. At that time Chetan comes there and Parul apprises him about Toral. He gets shocked but masks his expression. Charmi notices Rajvi tensed and ask her, to which Rajvi lies. Darsh declares that he will surely try tto find about Toral’s family.

Further, Charmi meets Mrs. Patel and informs about Rajvi being tensed. She tells about Parul, while Mrs. Patel smirks and ask for her photograph. Charmi gives it to her, whereas she decides to ruin Rajvi’s image through her magazine.

Rajvi moves here and there being tensed. She shares her worry with Vipul and shows her fear regarding Toral. She states that she can feel her family is about to break, while he tries to calm her. Later, Toral wakes up and goes inside Vipul’s room. Nandini notices her and follows. Toral sees Vipul and takes his name, making him dumbstruck. Nandini gets happy and questions her that if she remembers her family? To which Toral replies positively. Meanwhile, Vipul becomes shocked.

Precap:- Nandini notify Darsh that Toral regained her memory. She says that Toral took Vipul’s name, while Rajvi gets tensed. Darsh insists Toral to tell her husband or childrens name, while latter looks at Vipul.

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