Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 11th January 2023 Written Update: Avni again chooses Yash over Lakhan!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 11th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Yash thinking hopefully Ram doesn’t know about Avni liking Lakhan. Yash requests Ram to make him speak to Avni. Ram gives the phone to Avni. Avni takes it and Yash orders Avni to come back home without saying anything to anyone, or else I will make Swati get arrested. Sid hears this and Yash assures Sid that Avni will marry him. Here, Avni cuts the call and says Lakhan forced me to come with him. Avni goes with Adi and Vikrant. Ram says I will look for Lakhan. Avni says you have considered me as your sister so please don’t do anything harsh, he will apologize to everyone. Avni goes. Lakhan stands shocked.

Here, Priya says to Swati how Ram will soon teach Lakhan a lesson as Lakhan doesn’t respect women. Priya aggitates Swati so much that Swati says no it’s not like that, Lakhan is not bad. Priya says then tell me why are you doing all this? Swati thinks how can I tell the truth as Nandini will ruin Ram’s life and today both my son’s life are in danger. Sara comes there so Swati covers her face. Sara says Ram got Lakhan, Avni is coming back with Adi while Ram is with Lakhan. Priya says where are they? Here, Ram is about to leave when Lakhan makes Ram angry by calling him fake and how he is separating two people loving each other. Ram tries to explain to Lakhan how it isn’t like that, he is just fulfilling his promise made to his mother or else he would have made him arrested. Lakhan and Ram’s arguments heat up and they both raise hands on each other. Priya and Swati stop them. Swati slaps Lakhan. Priya says you can’t harm him. Swati requests Priya not to say anything by gesturing her. Priya says this is not your style Ram. Swati makes Lakhan promise that he won’t speak a word. Swati and Lakhan leave when Ram says today I fullfilled my promise but if Lakhan does this again then I won’t be saving him.

Priya thinks Swati could have made things right by telling her the truth but she didn’t but why. Later, in Kapoor mansion, Ram apologies to Yash for Avni’s kidnapping. Sid and Shubham argue to put Lakhan in prison. Ram thinks they are right but somehow i couldn’t deny Lakhan’s mom’s request and it felt more real. Ram gets into thinking.

Here, Swati and Lakhan argue when Swati says you won’t pursue your feelings for Avni if you do then you will see my dead face. Lakhan says now you swear on me and tell me what is stopping you from thinking about me and my love? I want to know the truth. Swati gets shocked. Here, Priya thinks maybe this is blood relation where Ram is unable to doubt Lakhan. Sid says how can Lakhan raise hands on Ram, we should call the police. Yash says I agree. Priya requests Adi to do something. Adi and Vikrant requests everyone to keep the thing like this as it’s a shaadi’s atmosphere. Ram says it’s Yash’s family matter but I would request him to let this matter go. Ram leaves. Yash says maybe Ram is right. Everyone leaves. Priya tells Avni how she saw that she is concerned about Lakhan too. Avni leaves. Priya thinks I need to know the truth and also know more about Swati. Swati says it’s my concern for you that I want us to leave the town, you know I won’t lie swearing on you. Here, Ram is sitting alone and thinking how Lakhan’s mom must be feeling so ashamed and Lakhan didn’t care about his mother who did so much for him. Ram thinks Shubham was right today also wrong things happened but I couldn’t take action against it, but why?

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram gets furious knowing Priya is not at home. Here, Lakhan is angry knowing that Priya is taking Swati away from him too.

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