Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th September 2022 Written Update: Ram gets to know about a deadly situation Pihu got herself into!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Priya worrying and sharing with Krish that Ram made passport for Pihu, he might take her after the visarjan. Krish says I won’t let it happen. Priya says I hope you can. Krish says don’t give any reaction to anyone and focus on puja. Here, Pihu shows a drawing of Adi and Brinda together with them. Pihu says I miss Adi and Brinda, when will they come? Ram says get ready for visarjan. Pihu says you are changing the topic. Ram says first focus on visarjan and we have the secret also. Pihu signs Priya is on door so he shush him. Priya comes and asks Pihu to get ready. Pihu goes. Ram says why is she asking about Adi and Brinda? Priya says she has always seen them with you. Ram says but. Priya says I know her. Ram says don’t react, I also want to know Pihu.

Priya asks Ram if he has planned something after visarjan? Ram thinks I can’t tell you as it’s a surprise. Ram says I am sorry if you felt angry because I went with Pihu, I wanted to tell you but you were not here. Priya thinks if Ram is really sorry? Ram says from next time I will take care of it. Ram says after we tell her tonight about the truth then things will become better, are you worried that Pihu will like me more as everyone loves me. Priya says why will she have to choose? Ram says it’s the way we handle things. Priya thinks to ask Ram directly, Ram goes.

Here, Krish calls Priya and informs her that now it’s confirmed that Ram is filing for custody as Vedika is here. Priya says maybe Vedika wants to file it. Krish says Vedika can’t only a parent can and it will be easy for them to prove you are not a good mom as that’s the only case when Ram can get Pihu. Krish asks Priya to pack things up and come to airport after visarjan.

Priya says I won’t let him take Pihu away, I will take Pihu with me. Nandini hears this and messages Vedika. They both enjoy seeing their plan getting successful. Priya starts packing and thinks sorry Pihu I can’t make your family complete. Here, Shubham and Nandini see Ram and Pihu and wonder how Priya will be out soon.

Ram comes to room and sees Priya in pain. Ram cares for her and asks if Pihu ever got hurt while she was with her? Priya says why are you asking this? Ram says I was just diverting you, show me and tell me why you got hurt? Priya says I got hurt while taking the bangles out. Ram says what’s the hurry? Priya says you gave me these for Pihu so I thought to give it back as you might need it. Ram thinks not to argue as he wants them to be in good mood. Ram says okay as you wish. Priya thinks as Ram is not forcing me to keep it he might be having something in mind. Priya gives the bangles back. Ram says you come downstairs. Ram thinks I think Priya is stressed about something but I can’t ask her as we need to maintain boundaries.

Here, visarjan aarti starts. Pihu asks Priya to come and join her. Pihu sees Priya’s hurt and says Priya is hurt how? Ram says it’s okay, it’s a small hurt. Priya thinks my daughter can’t even worry for me? Pihu says this hurt is same when Priya saved me from that falling roof. Ram says what? This happened in your adventure? Priya tries to avoid it. Pihu says let me tell, I was playing at a place where Priya asked me not to go but water dripped and the roof was about to fall when she saved me. Nandini says this is so sad, you could have called Ram he would have helped you.

Ram says Priya you should have taken care, you know she was my. Ram stops and thinks let it be. They continue with visarjan. Pihu gets sad ganpati go so Ram explains how if this time he goes then next year he will come back so sometimes old things have to go for some good new things to come. Priya thinks he means about me and Pihu as old. Pihu and Ram do the visarjan. Pihu says you are new in my life but I won’t leave you even when you get old. Ram hugs Pihu, and says I will not get old. Priya takes Pihu saying let’s rest as tonight is special for us.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pihu asks Priya if Ram is unable to find us then? Priya says he will be. Priya takes Pihu hiding from Ram.

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