Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Pihu decides to fly away from Ram and Priya!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nandini pretending to calm Ram. Shubham says Priya can repeat this again. Nandini says don’t say that, Pihu is here so we shouldn’t worry. Shubham says if we would have left for airport then they might have escaped. Ram says this is very weird, you both are right and Priya doing this, I will talk to her. Ram goes while Nandini and Shubham smirks. Nandini and Shubham think now slowly the misunderstanding will rise. Here, Priya asks the gaurd about the CCTV footage, you know someone was going to take Pihu. The gaurd says I don’t know how it got deleted. Priya scolds the gaurd. Ram comes and says what should we delete night’s footage? Priya says they said it got deleted. Ram says you were leaving with Pihu, I saw. Priya says no I am talking about yesterday. Ram shows the footage where Priya and Pihu were running away.

Ram confronts Priya and says now whom will you blame? Priya thinks how did he got that? Priya says I was not running away, I brought Pihu here. Ram says but you were all set to take Pihu away? Priya says you know what was happening here. Ram says do you want me to always be in the fear that I might lose Pihu? Nandini takes Pihu outside saying come let’s have cupcakes. Here, Ram says why you want to take her away? Priya says I was about to go but I returned as I realised it, I won’t repeat the mistake I did 5 years ago, I won’t let Pihu go away form you, her dad. Pihu listens to this and is surprised. Ram says if you would have gone then where would Pihu be? She would have slept in the streets right? Ram says now tell me why I won’t file for sole custody. Priya gets surprised. Pihu runs away.

Nandini calls out for Pihu and informs Ram and Priya that Pihu heard that she is Ram’s daughter and went, how can you two be so careless. Priya is about to leave when Nandini says just by saying that you will forget the past it won’t happen, you should promise not to talk about past hence forth. They both nod. Nandini says I am going to talk to her. Priya says no, I will go as it’s not about us it’s about Pihu. Ram says yes Priya is right and mom is right that we shouldn’t talk about past. Shubham comes and says where is Pihu? Priya says she must be inside. Shubham says no. Ram and Priya wory. Priya goes to search. Ram asks the gaurd about CCTV. Gaurds say from yesterday the CCTV is not working. Ram scolds them. Ram also goes. Shubham and Nandini talk that now Priya and Ram won’t remember about last night and Vedika will leave from back gate.

Vedika is about to leave from back gate when Priya comes talking to Ram. Priya says Pihu is no where, I am worried. Ram says she is our kid, she won’t go far from us. Ram asks Priya to check in back gate. Vedika feels relieved that Priy doesn’t remember about last night. Just then Priya comes to her and says I know you kidnapped Pihu and now you are running away. Vedika says are you mad? Maybe Ram took her somewhere. Priya says you want to create misunderstanding between us I know. Vedika says are you mad? You got any hurt on head or what. Priya remembers about last night how she hit Vedika. Priya touches Vedika’s forehead and she feels hurt. Priya says I know you were the person I hit last night as you were taking Pihu, tell me where is she or I am calling the police. Vedika worries.

Priya gets a call from Ram who asks her to come out. Priya goes out and he shows her Pihu’s bracelet. Priya thinks Pihu just got shocked when she got to know that Ram is her dad, she can’t get kidnapped. Priya calms Ram who panicks that Pihu might have left for somewhere. Priya says Pihu will not leave us, she is glad you are her dad. Ram says you know Pihu the most that’s a fact. Priya says I might know her but she does everything like you, you think where you would have gone knowing something like this. Ram says when I got to know about Pihu being my daughter, I got upset and thought to hurt you by becoming that old Ram. Priya says can you think of anywhere you will go? Ram says to our room, to remember us. Priya says then she must be there. Priya and Ram leave for Kapoor mansion.

Here, Pihu is in their room in Kapoor mansion. She remembers all the moments with Ram and Priya. In the car, Priya says I asked Sandy to go to Kapoor mansion. Ram says it will also take time, does Pihu hate me? As she went. Priya says no, like we need some time to think when our brain gets clouded. Ram says I hope so.

Here, Pihu thinks I am so glad to have a dad, I have never had a dad, why did mom hid this? In the car, Priya says she might be upset that this was hidden from her. Priya says we really need to think of her coming together. Ram says yes.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya gets a custody papers so Krish says maybe Ram sent it. They decide to reply the same way. Ram gets shocked to get the custody papers. Vedika adds fire to the situation.

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