Sanjog 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Ranjini’s wicked ploy against Amrita

Sanjog 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Gauri getting freezed upon seeing Amrita in front of her. Whereas, Chanda introduces Gauri to Amrita and Tara. She proclaims that Tara is her friend, while Gauri keeps staring at Amrita being mesmerised. Meanwhile, the latter ask Gauri and Chanda to eat the bhoog, while Tara also insists to have food with them. Amrita gets worried about Rajeev’s reaction and denies to the latter’s request. Chanda talks to Amrita and convinces her to let Tara eat with them as it will make their bonding stronger.

Here, Amrita gets impressed with Chanda’s words and allows Tara to eat with them. At that time she gets Rakshita’s call and starts having conversation with her. The latter states that she is coming to meet them and ask her to keep it a surprise from other family members. Amrita agrees to keep it a secret, while Rakshita ask her to even delete the log history, so that Rajeev couldn’t able to find about her surprise.

Ranjini comes there and smirks seeing Tara eating with Chanda and Gauri. She records the video showing Amrita being busy on the phone call and not taking care of Tara. She then shows the recording to Rajeev and Rajeshwari, while they gets shocked seeing it and starts suspecting Amrita.

Elsewhere, Ranjini manipulates Rajeev against Amrita and says that she is having an affair with someone and removed Tara from school in order to hide her affairs. Rajeev gets furious at Amrita and decides to confront her, while Rajeshwari ask him to throw the latter out of their house.

Tara insists Chanda to stay with her but Amrita somehow makes her understand. She ask Gauri and Chanda to keep visiting them and also proclaims that she have seen Gauri somewhere. The latter gets scared and lies that they haven’t met. Amrita states that maybe her face resembles someone, while Gauri recalls the moment when Amrita helped her.

Ahead, Gauri gets elated seeing the growing friendship of Tara and Chanda. She takes her daughter back to their place, while Gopal makes Chanda understand that they have to keep their identity as a secret. He explains her that she will have to be with Gauri and he can’t roman around with her, orelse people will get suspicious.

Gopal ask Chanda to grow her friendship with Chanda, while the latter agrees to do as per his instruction. Meanwhile, Tara shares about Chanda with Amrita while the latter says that she also likes her. Whereas, Rajeev accuses her for having an affair and Ranjini forcefully snatches her phone and mocks her for deleting the contact.

Further, Amrita gets hurt with Rajeev’s behavior. She talks to Rakshita and ask if she can tell about her surprise to Rajeev, to which the latter denies. Whereas, Ranjini keeps an eye on Amrita. Meanwhile, Tara behaves like Chanda and Kotharis gets shocked by her changed attitude. They blames Amrita for it and Rajeev along with Rajeshwari lashes out at her.

The episode ends.

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