Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 3rd June 2022 Written Update: Ram comes to take Priya home!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 3rd June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Brinda saying to Priya how she broke Ram’s trust. Priya says please let me speak to Ram. Brinda says i couldn’t believe you pushed Shivi and supported those murderers. Priya says it was a mistake and you know me. Brinda says the Priya, I know is not like this, I wish I should have never made Ram get close to you. Brinda leaves while Priya cries.

Here, Shashi comes and Ram gets angry. Shashi says I came to say sorry. Adi stops Ram from fighting. Shashi says I didn’t know my dad did all this, the moment I got to know, I gave all the evidences to police, I know you won’t believe me as our misunderstandings have risen, but I can assure you, I was not involved. Shashi says trust me, I made sure Varun and Mahender suffer, you can ask police. Ram looks shocked.

Priya talks to her baby and says I did all this to protect Ishan, I will always protect you, you are my and Ram’s baby. Constable comes and says you have confessed your crime so you will get punished sooner and 2 years jail time is for sure. Ram comes and says I want to talk to Priya. Ram thinks of all the moments spent with Priya. They both get emotional thinking about their last moments. Flashback is shown where, Adi tells Ram as Priya confessed her crime so she will get 2 years of jail time. Ram hears footsteps and thinks it’s Brinda so Ram asks why did Priya fainted?

Ram says sorry seeing Nandini. Nandini says Priya is your wife, it’s not a crime to care about her. Ram says but I am with you. Nandini says I know that, when you went to talk to Adi, a call came on your phone and Priya is pregnant. Ram gets emotional and happy. Nandini hugs Ram. Adi also becomes happy. Ram says what you want to say? Nandini says you gave Priya punishment because I told you to, otherwise you wouldn’t have. Ram says no. Nandini says I don’t want you to be seperated from Priya and your child, bring them home, it’s my wish. Ram says I love you. Ram hugs Nandini and then Adi. He goes. Flashback ends.

Ram remembers all moments of Shivi and he thinks I can’t believe you did it. Priya thinks Ram can read my eyes, I can’t let it happen. Ram says you are lying. Priya says no. Ram says look at me and say it. Priya sees him and says. Ram says I know you are lying, I know you are pregnant, mom told me, I will get you out of here. Ram holds Priya’s hand. Priya says I am going to become a mom but not you, it’s not your child. Ram says you cheated me? Priya says yes. Ram says tell me with whom and when? Priya says good for you, don’t. Ram says you are angry on me? My sister died in my arms, I came here for you. Priya says you came here for the baby not for me, think that our relation ends. Ram saya I don’t want to lose you.

Priya says I wanted to tell you how it was Krish my old lover, so I wanted to tell the truth, I thought of being with you even after knowing about your first girlfriend. Ram says Krish? Priya says I met Krish long back, I got messages of you cheating with Vedika, that was even true. Ram says I was always honest with you. Priya says I am an adult and I know what can happen in a room. Priya says I cheated on you, you got my confession, so you can go from here. Priya asks the lady constable to shift her. Ram says I will do the paternity test, I know you are lying.

Nandini comes and says it won’t happen, I have heard everything, I only sent you here but I can’t lose my son, she has already taken everything, her family is a cheater, let’s go Ram. Ram cries and goes. Priya looks at him. Priya cries. Flashback is shown when Priya gets a chance for second call. Just then, Nandini comes and stops. Priya says sorry to her when Nandini says to Priya how she has to lie to Ram that the kid is not his but Krish’s.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya and her daughter enjoy rain. Ram has turned into an angry man.

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