Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th November 2022 Written Update: Ram is unable to recognise Pihu!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pihu coming to Priya and asking her to wake up. Here, Ram says I had an accident as I had an emotional breakdown, I care for her and I need to meet her. Brinda and Nandini request the doctor to let him meet on a wheelchair. Here, Pihu says Ram is also coming here soon, soon we will become a happy family. Just then Ram comes inside and asks she is hospitalized how? Adi says she will get better soon. Pihu says don’t worry she will get better soon. Ram says where am I? Who is she? Who are they? Adi says whom do you want to meet? Ram says Vedika, I heard she got married to Sashi, is she okay? Nandini thinks it’s due to the accident. Nandini says Vedika is fine, we came here by mistake. They take Ram to his room. Pihu asks Meera why did Ram not recognise her? Krish says Ram needs rest then he will be better and same goes for Priya.

Nandini and Shubham go saying they will bring Vedika. Here, Vikrant and Adi are surprised seeing Ram in that condition. Ram says I know you guys don’t like Vedika but I care for her. Everyone is asked to go out. The doctor informs Ram’s friends and family that Ram is in emotional trauma maybe he got this before the accident so he is not thinking about some part of his life. Vikrant says but his wife and kid need him. Doctor says his memory will come back but it will take time but you shouldn’t force him to remember anything. Adi says doctor us right, that is why he wants to meet Vedika. Nandini smirks and asks Shubham to bring Vedika back. Brinda says but why? Doctor says give him sometime and do what he is asking for.

Shubham picks Vedika who says I don’t want to go. Shubham says you should be happy you are getting a new start with Ram. Vedika says I got arrested because as usual you and Nandita blamed me for everything. Nandita calls Vedika and asks her to think of this as a new chance and we can talk about past later as Ram has forgotten his memory. Vedika agrees and they leave to reach the hospital. Here, Krish and Meera talk about how Ram and Priya’s love will surely overcome this but they feel bad for Pihu. Krish says I have known their love and it will always win.

Later, Ram is having food when Pihu comes there and Ram feels bad for Pihu as he saw her mother ill. Pihu prays to god to bring back Ram’s memory. Just then Vedika comes and asks Pihu to go out. Ram asks her to be gentle. Vedika acts infront of Ram of caring for him. Meera comes to take Pihu when Vedika warns Meera to keep Pihu away from Ram as she won’t let them be close to Ram ever. Later, Meera sits by Priya and goes out to bring water. Ram is walking with Vedika in the corridor. Ram thinks to see for Pihu’s mom when Vedika stops him. Vedika diverts the topic to how she is having problems with Sashi and in their marriage. Ram asks her if she wants him to talk to Sashi. Vedika says he thinks I have feelings for you which is not wrong. Ram says we should talk to him.

Ram says to Vedhika about husband and wife relationship. He wants to say one thing to her that She has commitment with Sasi. She wants to fulfill it. He asks her to concentrate on it. He doesn’t want to be a reason to break her relationship. She says to him that he isn’t the reason for her state. She thinks that he was determined to send her back to Sasi. He asks her what’s going on in her mind? She wishes to say to him that Sasi physically abused her. He noticed Priya signalling something to him. He alerts the doctor about her condition. The doctor gives the injection to her. Priya’s mom thank Ram for his help. He assures her that she will be alright. Vedhika trying to take him from there. He says to her that he is feeling something. The doctor informs to Priya’s mom that she is alright. Vedhika gets shocked to hear it.

Episode end

Precap: Priya will get hurt to see Vedhika hugging Ram. Nandini will say to Priya that Ram forgot her. She wasn’t in his heart or life. Priya will challenge Nandini to win her this time.

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