December 6, 2019
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Bahu Begam 19th July 2019 Written Update Azaan – Shayra and Noor-Faiz got engaged

The episode starts with Razia is looking angrily at Azan. Suraiya bad mouths Shayra while Azaan intervenes and takes Shayra’s side. Razia asks Shayra to shift to Noor’s room. Shayra tries to explain to her that they both were on a video call with Faiz. Noor gets embarrassed on meeting Faiz with her face pack on. Azan explains that Shayra wants to confirm that Faiz is a good match for Noor. So they both are on a video call with Faiz. Noor taunts Suraiya for the misunderstanding. Shayra says that their relationship is only based on pure love and they both never crossed their limits in London. Razia gets assured and scolds Suraiya for her behavior. Yasmeen blesses Shayra while Razia apologizes for thinking ill about her. Shayra asks her to not to feel guilty. Noor mocks Suraiya for her plan got backfired while Suraiya leaves angrily. Later Noor teases Azaan and Shayra for not crossing their limits.

Azaan and Shayra surprises Noor with Faiz and Noor become speechless. Faiz asks Noor’s hand for engagement and they leave along with Yasmeen. Azaan and Shayra get solitude and shares a romantic moment.

Later Faiz and Noor exchanges rings and all are so happy except Khalid and his parents. Khalid burns in jealousy and his parents try to console him. Shayra asks Noor whether she likes Faiz but Noor is busy admiring the ring. Khalid leaves from there angrily.

Followed by Noor and Faiz, Azaan and Shyra also get engaged with each other. Razia asks qazi to perform the marriage declaration form ritual but Yasmeen explains that it should be done only for royal couples. Razia says that Noor is also her daughter and declares that the ritual will be performed for both the couples present.

Priest hints about the upcoming heartbreak seeing Noor’s blood in the marriage declaration form. Shayra reads out Faiz and Noor marriage declaration form and everyone gets happy except Suraiya and Asgar. Suraiya gets angry seeing Noor performing the ritual which is meant for only royal marriages. Noor and Yasmeen dance happily and Azaan joins them. Noor applies Azan’s haldi on Shayra followed by Yasmeen and Azaan. Azan and Shayra dance with each other romantically.

Razia asks the servant to take turmeric paste to Noor, but on the way, the servants accidentally spill all the Haldi. In the fear of getting punished and replaces Faiz Haldi with Azaan’s Haldi. Indirectly Noor also gets turmeric applied on Azaan’s name.

Yasmeen applies Noor turmeric paste unaware of the fact that its of Azaan’s. She gets emotional during the rituals. After Yasmeen, Razia also applies Haldi on Noor followed by Azaan’s Sister and Azaan.
Everyone dances happily but without anyone’s knowledge, a candle falls on Noor and Faiz’s marriage declaration form. Yasmeen sees it and gets shocked. She rushes and puts off the fire but it’s already burnt. Yasmeen starts to cry seeing it. Shayra also sees it from a distance and gets shocked. She consoles Yasmeen while both Shayra and Yasmeen gets worried.

Precap: Mehendi ceremony takes place in the house. Both Noor and Shayra gets Azaan name written in their hands.

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