Bahu Begum 10th December 2019 Written Update: Adil learns about Shayra’s pregnancy!

Today’s episode starts with Adil asking Noor how she got the location. Shayra ask Noor to speak up. Noor lies to Adil and says she tracked his number. Shayra talks rudely with Noor and ask her to leave. She hugs Adil and pretends to be in love with him.

After Noor leaves, Shayra pushes Adil and ask him to stay away from her. Adil manhandles Shayra and says to her that she will have to pay off for freeing herself from his ties. Here, Dilruba gets exposed in front of Razia and Azaan in Noor’s outfit. Razia questions Dilruba how she dare sitting in Noor’s bridal outfit. Azaan thinks Noor left him too and gets restless.

Noor returns and tells to Azaan and Razia that Shyara will never come back. She narrates to them whatever happened between her and Shayra at Adil’s place. Azaan gets teary. Noor worries for Shayra. Other side, Adil troubles Shayra and gets happy. Here, Noor refuses to marry Azaan but Razia requests her to marry for Azaan’s sake.

Shayra falls down from the chair and faints. Adil calls out doctor. Shayra calls Azaan and Azaan wakes up from the sleep and gets restless for her. He cries holding Shayra’s cloth. Noor and Razia see Azaan from far. Noor says to Razia that Azaan can never forget Shayra and knowing this she won’t be able to share her life with him. Razia hugs Noor. She wishes she wouldn’t have said yes to Azaan to marry Shayra. Doctor tells to Adil that Shayra is pregnant. Adil acts crazy and says to Shayra that he is going to become father and laughs. Shayra thinks Azaan’s love sign is with him. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Razia ask Noor to stop favoring Shayra. Noor pleads Azaan that she only wants that his and Shayra’s misunderstanding gets cleared. Azaan ask Noor if she is making excuses. Noor says no, Azaan ask her to marry him tonight.