Bahu Begum 10th September 2019 Written Update:- Noor determined to win the war of love and brings lunch for Azaan

The episode starts with Razia asking Noor about what did she just say. Noor addresses her as Badi Ammi but Razia asks her to call Bahu Begam. She scolds Noor and says that she’s herself responsible for her condition. She says the difference between her and Shayra is Shayra loves Azaan but she loves only herself. She says that not Shayra but it’s her who’s going to be the ditched woman. She says that she’ll celebrate the day more than anyone when she gets ditched and gets thrown away from the mansion and Noor gets furious. Razia leaves while Shayra follows her behind.

Razia is in her room and Shayra asks her the reason for her behavior. She asks her to understand but Razia scolds her back. She’s that she’s ditched woman but it’s because of her fate but she herself brought this fate by bringing Noor in Azaan’s life. The maid brings the food and Razia refuses to have it. Shayra asks her to not show her anger on food and convinces her to it.

Noor says that Razia is mistaken. She says that it’s not her but Shayra who’s gonna be the ditched woman. She says that everything is fair in love and war and its time for her to wage war for her love. She calls out for Surraiya. They both discuss wooing Azaan and turn him against Shayra. Noor says that she’s not gonna wait till Azaan returns home.

Azaan enters the office and wishes for the morning. He enters his office to find lots of gifts. He asks the secretary about the gifts who says that these are sent by the staff for his marriage. Azaan gets furious reading the chits. Soumya assures that she’ll clean it up and asks him to relax. Azaan asks will she not congratulate him. Soumya says that she knows that Razia’s upbringing can never go wrong and he definitely would have taken the decision under some pressure. Azaan thanks her and she asks him to calm down.

Azaan calls Shayra and romances with her. Shayra behaves coldly with him and has put the phone on speaker. Maids present there to enjoy their romance and react to it. Azaan guesses that she’s preparing Biryani and asks her to send him some too. Shayra gets shocked with Azaan finding of her cooking Biryani even when he’s in office. He cuts the call.

Noor and Surraiya discuss how will Shayra lures Azaan. Shayra enters the exact moment and asks her to not become Shayra but the old Noor who was a best friend to Azaan to impress him. She asks her to stay away from bad work, bad thoughts and bad connection referring to Surraiya. She asks her to take food for Azaan as Azaan called her to bring Biryani for him. Noor agrees and Shayra leaves.

Razia questions Asgar about him taking money from the company. She warns him.
Azaan gets a call from Soumya that his wife has brought food for him. He gets happy and checks out only to find Noor and gets irked.

Precap: Noor lodges complaint against Razia