Bahu Begum 12th August 2019 Written Update:- Noor and Khalid’s marriage and Shayra’s big decision

The episode starts with Shayra asking Noor about the gift she’s talking about. She shows her a box consisting of a knife, ropes and other suicide objects. She says that she will die after getting married to Khalid. So now it’s her place to decide whether she wants to give her Azaan or death.

Surraiya hears their talks hiding in the cupboard and gets shocked. Noor asks her to decide for one last time and leaves. Surraiya fumes seeing Noor as she’s playing with her son’s life. By mistake, Surraiya’s cupboard gets locked by her cat. She scolds herself for taming a cat-like Billo rani.

Male maid finds a female maid standing on a stool and scolds her for dirtying the stool with slippers. When asked about the reason she says that she’s finding something to commit suicide. She says she loves Khalid and wants him at any cost. The male maid mocks female maid and leaves the place.

Shayra reaches dargah and prays to Allah to help her in deciding between right and wrong. In her case both are wrong and she can’t decide among the two. If she agrees to Noor’s demand then it’s an injustice to Azaan and if she lets Noor marry Khalid then it’s an injustice to Noor. She says she’s confused and asks him to show her the right path. The priest calls out for her.

Noor is getting ready in her room and Razia arrives there and compliments Noor for her beauty. She says that she misses Yasmeen in such auspicious day. She takes the dupatta for which Yasmeen lost her life and reminisces her moments with Yasmeen. She keeps it on Noor’s head and Noor reminds of her moments with her mom and cries. Razia leaves with Noor for the marriage hall.

The priest asks Shayra to choose duty in between love and duty as love is man-made but one can’t stop fulfilling their duties. He says its God wishes and she has to fulfill her duty. Shayra agrees and leaves.

Azaan searches for Shayra and tries contacting her mobile but couldn’t reach her. Khalid asks Azaan for Noor while Azaan teases him for being impatient. Razia brings Noor to the marriage hall while Surraiya still locked in cupboard feels helpless.

Razia asks Azaan for Shayra who says that he’s also searching for her. The marriage procedure starts and the priest asks for Noor’s qubool. While Noor’s about to answer Shayra stops her and says she wants to speak with Noor in private.

Razia and Azaan scold Shayra for interrupting the marriage but Shayra asks them to give only two minutes and leaves with Noor.

Shayra says to Noor that she won and she’s ready to give divorce to Azaan and asks her to marry him after that.

Noor gets shocked and asks if she’s saying the truth for which Shayra says that she is. She says her love failed and Noor’s farz has won.

Razia comes calling for Noor as everyone is waiting for marriage. Noor whispers Shayra to stop the marriage somehow as its all because she delayed making the decision.

Noor leaves with Razia to mandap and the priest once again asks for her consent for marriage. In the meantime, Surraiya breaks open the cupboard and reaches the wedding hall.

Before Noor could say her consent Azaan punches Khalid and starts beating him badly. In flashback its shown that Shayra messages Azaan about Khalid trying to molest Noor.

Azaan informs the same to everyone and everyone gets shocked.

Precap: Razia slaps Azaan for committing a sin and stops the marriage. Surraiya curses Razia that Razia’s son will also not get his love just like his son did.