Bahu Begum 15th October 2019 Written Update: Daadi manipulates Azaan and Shayra against Razia and Noor

The episode starts with Razia seeing Gazala seated on her place in the dining table. Azaan comes and Gazala pretends sitting there by mistake. Azaan asks her to sit. Gazala says that may be Razia is still upset that she forgave chachi. Razia asks her to not start in the morning. Azaan asks her to not let her angry on Daadi. Razia gets surprised at the change in Azaan’s behaviour. Noor and Shayra come there. Noor gets irked seeing Daadi on Razia’s chair. Shayra asks her to not create any drama. Noor sits beside Azaan and Shayra sits beside Razia. Noor asks Azaan to pass the pickle and Gazala taunts her for behaving as if he’s her husband. Noor taunts her back while Shayra stops Noor. Azaan gets lawyer’s call and leaves to discuss with Shayra and Razia. Noor asks Dilruba and Mashuka to bring the pakoras. Daadi haves it and starts coughing due to Mirchi. Noor recalls instructing to sprinkle chilli on Daadi’s pakoras. Daadi gets furious at her and decides to burn her completely.

Daadi calls Shayra and asks her to select one among the jewels as she’s always having very small jewelleries. Shayra says that she doesn’t want heavy jewelleries and is happy with Razia’s blessings, Azaan’s love, Noor’s friendship and her well-wishing. After Daadi’s insistence, she takes a simple jewel. Noor comes there and asks Daadi to gift something for her too. She taunts her for being a servant’s daughter and Noor pranks her and runs away with the jewels. Gazala runs after her. She sees Azaan on steps and pretends falling down unconscious. Azaan looks furious at Noor.

The doctor examines Daadi and says that she suffered a heart attack. Later he signals Daadi and Surraiya notices it. She understands that it’s her plan.

Daadi asks Shayra to not trust Noor completely. Shayra tries supporting Noor but Daadi fills her ears against Noor. She says that if once she chose the wrong path then there are chances for her to choose the wrong path once again too. Noor comes there and apologizes Daadi and gives back the jewels. Daadi signals Shayra to see their closeness while Noor and Azaan once again get into banter. Razia comes with the medicine when Daadi says she’ll have only if Shayra accepts her jewellery. She says Shayra didn’t accept her jewels because Razia filled Shayra’s ears against her. Azaan says that Ammi didn’t do any such thing. He says if she did shell apologize for sure. Gazala smirks while Razia gets shocked

Precap: lawyer informs that divorce is granted but they need to vacate the house as now the house belongs to Noor. Everyone gets shocked and looks at Noor.