Bahu Begum: Azaan races to collect one lakh rupees

The show gets entertaining episode by episode. Audience really do have something new to watch in every episode. It is like a new over of a cricket match everytime.

In the recent episode, Azaan learns about the wrong medicines and the new doctor changes them with the new and proper ones. Khalid talks to Mashooqa and dilruba about the Medicines. Noor tells them that they have to search for the person behind all of this.

Azaan come to her to apologise and thank her. He thanked her for information regarding the wrong medicines. On being asked by mashooqa, Noor responds that she wants Azaan to get back on his feet and become the same old Azaan as he used to be. The photographer is taking pictures of the mahal.

On being asked, Noor informs him that she has to send them to bidders as she has gotten offers to convert the mahal inti a seven star hotel. Azaan gets furious on this. Noor also tells him to give one lakh rent by the next day if he wants to stay in the mahal.

Azaan asks everyone for the money. Everybody responds in negative. Rubina even starts insulting him. For the next episode it is shown that Azaan will go and take the “Paasa” of the begum. Noor too sees this.

Will Azaan sell the paasa? Will he be able to gather the required amount? What will be his plan to get that? What will be Noor’s next set of plans?

To get answers to all the questions, keep watching Bahu Begum.