Bahu Begum Written Update 13th November 2019: Aadil takes a stand for Noor in front of the guests

The episode starts with Shayra checking Aadil’s wallet and gets surprised. Razia comes there and Shayra says that Aadil left the purse. Shayra calls Aadil and informs the same. Aadil says thar he’ll come and collect himself. Razia asks her to check on Noor as groom’s family may come anytime. Noor is admiring herself in mirror and Azaan comes there. Noor jokes Azaan to propose her and Azaan goes on his knees and asks for her hands. They both continue their nok jhok. Azaan teases her with her choice of men. He calls her moti and says that he’s taken. Noor says that she’ll find a better groom than him.

Azaan gifts her a choker and Noor gets happy. He asks her to keep it as his remembrance. Razia says that groom family arrived and Noor excitedly searches for them. She climbs the ladder and Aadil comes there. Ge asks what’s she doing like a thief in her oen house. He praises himself and Noor teases him. Noor falls down and Aadil catches they both fall in an eyelock. Noor asks isn’t it too much filmy. He asks her for treat. They both once again enter into their nok jhok. Shayra calls Noor has groom family as arrived. She takes her in while Aadil follows them.

Razia introduces Aadil to them. Azaan gets irked seeing Aadil. Aadil asks for his purse and Mashuka goes to bring it. Aadil gets his purse and is about to leave but Razia stops him saying that he shouldn’t leave without anything. Azaan gets irked again but he gets a call and leaves to attend it. The groom’s family asks if Noor is servant’s daughter. Razia says that Noor holds 50% share if her business. They insult her for her background. Aadil unable to take it anymore intervenes and takes up a stand for Noor. He says that when they have come to see a girl then they should see her qualities and not her background which doesn’t have anything to do with her. He says that seeing their thoughts ge feels that his son will be equally narrow-minded like them. He says that their son doesn’t deserve Noor. Razia throws them out when they complained about the insult. Azaan thanks Aadil for speaking the right when he apologizes for his behaviour. Once again Azaan and Aadil share the same taste.

Everyone are at dining table and Razia asks Noor what’s she doing outside. She says about trying to see the groom from balcony but falling down and Aadil says about him saving her. He gets a call and takes his leave. Azaan says that he doesn’t feel good about Aadil.

Azaan tok gets a call says about a problem in Razori factory. Razia says that it’s very close partner to them and decides to go and check herself. Azaan says that he feels something off about Aadil.

Precap : Aadil calls Shayra to discuss about his alliance with Noor. Shayra gets gas smell and panics