Barrister Babu 26th March 2020 Written Update: Bondita takes a stand for her mother!

Barrister Babu 26th March 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Bondita gets teary hearing someone’s foot step. She says if you want to beat her can do but not to say anything to her mother as she didn’t taught her to wet the bed. Mini comes and consoles Bondita. She asks her to get ready fast. Bondita praises Mini and says she prayed for her. Mini thinks that she is here to expose her not to save her.

Roy’s sits for breakfast. Batuk reveals to them that Bondita wets the bed at night and shows her blanket. Anirudh asks Batuk to speak truth else he will get punishment. Batuk than reveals to Anirudh and all that to suppress the smell of pee she has also poured Anirudh’s perfume. Trilochan gets angry and asks Bihari to throw the blanket.

Here, Mini asks Bondita to give her wet clothes and she will wash. Bondita tells her that she has thrown them out. Meanwhile, Trilochan calls Bondita and she gets scared. Mini smirks.

Other side, Saurabh tries to get romantic with Sampoorna but Sampoorna recalls Madhu’s word and pushes Saurabh back.

There, Trilochan gets angry at Bondita for wetting the bed at night and running the house. He asks to clean the all the corners of the house. He also announces that till everything is cleaned none will go out. Anirudh stands blank. Binoy taunts Anirudh and says one is planning to built toilet for other women’s but is not aware that his own wife is wetting the bed.

Anirudh gets restless and Mini gets happy. Further, Trilochan about to fall and Bondita try to help him. Trilochan gets angry at Bondita and berates her mother. Bondita takes a stand for her mother and asks Trilochan not to speak a word against her mother. She accepts her mistake and asks him to punish her but not say anything to her mother. Meanwhile, Bihari brings the certificate of Anirudh and fears to show. Anirudh gets angry seeing Bondita has pee on it. Binoy taunts Anirudh. Mini thinks how she ruined Anirudh’s certificate. (Episode Ends)