Bawara Dil 1st March 2021 Written Update: Siddhi attempts to escape from the confinement.

Bawara Dil 1st March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Siddhi gaining her consciousness and she finds herself in a dark place. She starts shouting and says where is she? Who brought her here? She keeps knocking at the door and shouts get me out of here.

Malini sees Siddhi is not beside her. Malini thinks Siddhi has woken up before her. She gets surprised. Siddhi shouts papa! Masterji feels something and says to Malini that he thought Siddhi called him. He is feeling like she is not okay. Malini says he is over thinking. She tells him not to worry. She asks what does Masterji write everytime in his diary. Masterji says he writes what he can never share with Siddhi. Masterji writes about Siddhi’s well being. Malini goes to find Siddhi. Siddhi cries a lot. Malini notices Siddhi’s earring. She gets worried for Siddhi. She calls everyone. Everyone says don’t worry. Siddhi will come back soon. She can go to temple.

Siddhi tries to escape but falls down. She says please open the door. Today is my wedding.

Sagar says Siddhi is not in temple. Malini starts crying. Masterji says he will go to find her and they will inform ladke wale that Siddhi is missing. One relative says we should not reveal anything to ladke wale. Its matter of our respect. We’ll wait for Siddhi till the marriage starts. Siddhi will return soon. Siddhi gets worried thinking about her parents.

Gaurav comes with baraat. Malini welcomes him. They enter and Gaurav sits in mandap. Masterji insists Malini to tell the truth to everybody. Malini also gets worried. Siddhi hits the door with a rod. But fails to open it. Pandit says tell the bride to come soon as the muhrat will be over. Masterji says we have to talk to ladke wale. He hesitates while speaking to Gaurav’s father. He was to about to tell but he gets a call. He gets to know that Siddhi is nowhere to be found.

Siddhi successfully breaks the door. Masterji tells Gaurav’s father that Siddhi is missing and we couldn’t find her. We are trying our best to find her. Gaurav father shouts at Masterji and says where can she go on her wedding day? What nonsense is this? Tell us clearly what actually happened? Gaurav mom says where did she go? Has she eloped with another guy? On the other hand, Siddhi screams saying save me.

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