Bawara Dil 26th July 2021 Written Update: Shiva finds himself in crisis

Bawara Dil 26th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiva beating Kiran. He says how can you touch my sister when I was trying to help your mother. Sonal gets shocked and Siddhi tries to stop Shiva. She comes in between in order to refrain him from beating Kiran. She says enough. Shiva tells Sonal how can she trust Siddhi more than her brother, when Siddhi insults her brother everytime. Siddhi shuts him up saying Shiva never listens to others. He can misunderstand Kiran but doesn’t know what is happening in his own house. She adds Sonal trusts me more than you as I earned it. I didnt tell Sonal to visit Kiran’s house but she herself came here.

Shiva gets shocked. Siddhi says she called him for Sonal but he is always busy in party’s work so he disconnected the call. Later she reveals about Sarkar and Akkabai’s act to Shiva. Siddhi says Mangal agreed for Sonal and Sarkar’s marriage so, does Shiva want the same? Shiva is left stunned. Kiran gets hurt. Sonal and Siddhi help him get up. Shiva gets furious and recalls Akkabai’s words.

Mangal starts the preparations for Sonal’s marriage. She makes the list with Vilas. Mangal gets happy thinking their status will be high after becoming relative of Akkabai. Mangal adds she will convince Shiva with her tears. Vijaya tells Mangal to inform Yashwant but latter says it’s not the right time else Yashwant will cancel the wedding at once. Vijaya says Sonal also didn’t give her consent for the marriage. Mangal says Siddhi brainwashed Sonal that’s why she is behaving this way. Siddhi reaches home along with Sonal. Mangal tells Sonal to stay in happy mood as her marriage is going to happen. She asks Siddhi where did she go with Sonal.

Akkabai discusses about Narpat’s tactics with a person. She says she has Shiva’s support and Narpat cant do anything when there’s Shiva. Shiva arrives and takes Akkabai’s blessings. Akkabai tells Sarkar to behave properly with Shiva from now on. She tells Sarkar to bring sweets for Shiva. Shiva rejects Akkabai’s marriage proposal saying he can’t give his consent as Sarkar is not a good person. He misbehaved with women and even with his sister in the restaurant despite knowing she is Shiva’s sister. Akkabai says Sarkar cleared everything in his house that it was Sonal’s misunderstanding, still Shiva wants to doubt him. He is saying Sarkar’s swear on his mother was false.

Shiva says Sonal is not ready for the marriage but Akkabai says she will treat Sonal like her daughter. She assures Shiva that Sarkar will change himself. Shiva says why Sonal has to suffer for that. Akkabai can’t experiment with her. Akkabai manipulates Shiva saying Sonal will handle everything well and will change Sarkar too. Shiva says being a mother she forgives her son but Sarkar can’t be a changed person that’s the truth. Akkabai says she saved Shiva from going to jail, Valmiki muni also got second chance. So if Akkabai can give second chance to Shiva then why can’t she ask for a second chance for Sarkar. Shiva tries to speak but Akkabai feeds him laddoo, which Sarkar brought and leaves. Shiva throws away the laddoo.

Jalwa informs Siddhi that Kiran’s mother is in hospital. She is seriously ill, Siddhi should inform Ishvar. Jalwa adds Shiva helped Kiran and brought the ambulance. Siddhi gets surprised to know that. She says she can’t understand Shiva’s dual personality. On one hand he beats Kiran and on the other hand he helps him. Bhave arrives and gives laddoo packet to Siddhi. He says Shiva agreed for the marriage that’s why Akkabai sent sweets. Siddhi gets shocked and Mangal attempts to stop her saying Siddhi won’t do anything to stop the marriage. Siddhi gets her hand released from Mangal and throws away the sweets.

Sonal is crying in her room. Shiva sits beside her. He consoles her but Sonal says she used to trust her brother blindly but now she feels he is not with her. He cant save her. Shiva gets heartbroken. Siddhi sees everyone is out for shopping. She is about to fall but Shiva saves her from falling. He tells her to be careful. Siddhi asks him can I trust you that you will help me in future? She adds she believes Shiva will do something for sure to stop Sonal’s marriage with Sarkar. He doesnt support it. Shiva leaves without answering. He thinks he will not disappoint Siddhi but will plan something to stop the wedding on time. Siddhi says why Shiva didnt answer. Does he not care for his sister too?

Episode ends

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