Bepanah Pyaar 16th October 2019 Written Update: Sahas helps Pragati while Ragbir drowned in Pragati’s thoughts

The episode starts with Pragati falling in front of the car and the guy gets down. She panics and asks not to do anything to her. He calms her and says that he will not do anything. She says about people stealing her jewels and cries. He asks her not to cry as people may misunderstand and she calms a bit. He asks her address so that he can drop her. Pragati says that she doesn’t have any home. He asks her to get in the car. He offers her tablet saying that he’s doctor and she takes it with hesitation. She cries recalling Ragbir’s words.

Everyone asks Ragbir what happened to Pragati and he says that she’s dead. He says that she’s alive but is dead according to him. Everyone keeps asking him Where’s Pragati and he gets irritated. He shouts that she’s dead for him and leaves. Hritesh, Badi maa and Aditi gets happy with it.

The guy named Sahas brings Pragati to his home and Pragati hesitates to enter. He asks her not to worry and shows his identity cards and also keep flaunting his achievements. Pragati gets irritated and says that it’s enough and gets in. He showed her a room but Pragati says that she’s comfortable in the hall. He leaves and Pragati recalls Ragbir’s words and cries.

Sahas offers her tea and he cracks some jokes and Pragati smiles. He asks her to wait and leaves to his room. He brings his medical kit and dresses her wounded. He after dressing asks what happened and asks her to share and she says Ragbir. Sahas asks who’s Ragbir and what happened to him. Pragati says that his heart is broken. He asks who did it and she says that it’s her.

Ragbir wakes up in the morning and sees her everywhere. Ragbir gets angry and shouts her to leave. He keeps dreaming about her and he breaks the vase in frustration. Badi maa brings food for him and he asks her to leave as he don’t food. She says that when he can’t forget her for a second then how can he forget her completely. She says that even if he breaks all the items of the house he can’t take Pragati out from his heart. He shouts and leaves. Badi maa gets angry at him for shouting at her.

Pragati keeps murmuring Ragbir’s name in her sleep and Sahas comes there with her food. He checks her temperature and gives injection. Pragati wakes up and he asks her to rest as he’s leaving for work. He cracks jokes and Pragati smiles. He leaves and Pragati gets drowned in Ragbir’s thoughts. She recalls him taking care of her and gets emotional.

Aditi asks Kunti what happened and mocks Kunti. She scolds Pragati and leaves and Kunti gets irked at Pragati for messing their lives. Everyone tries Pragati mobile and Aditi and Tina taunts Pragati. Pragati is lost in Ragbir’s thoughts and worries for him. Pragati calls Ragbir but he couldn’t hear her and cuts the call. She decides to visit his office and clear everything.

Precap : Ragbir warns Pragati to stay away from him. He participates in a wrestling competition and gets beaten up.