Bepanah Pyaar 23rd January 2020 Written Update: Raghbir sees Sahas and Pragati hugging

The episode starts withKunti telling Sahas that what happened yesterday should not repeat as Raghbir could throw him out of the house. She says that she asked doctor and Harshit to keep Raghbir busy. Just then he sees Raghbir with Nakul and Pragati helping Nakul with a project. Sahas says that her plan failed. Kunti sees Harshit and goes to him reminding him that she asked him to keep Raghbir busy. Harshit says that Raghbir took him to his doctor who said there is nothing serious and they left early. Sahas thinks that there is something going on between Raghbir and Pragati.

Raghbir makes Pragati laugh while helping Nakul with his project. “O Maahive” plays.

Later Pragati is watering plants when Raghbir comes and she throws water on him. Raghbir throws water on her too. He picks her in his arms and they romance. Devraj calls Raghbir and he leaves. After a while Raghbir and Pragati are in the room and both are sneezing. They dry each other’s hair and have hot tea together. Sahas looks at them. Raghbir and Pragati share some quality time together.

Priya talks with Dev on phone. She cuts the call and just then Akshey comes and asks her if she doesn’t miss him and their moments as there is surely more chemistry between them than her and Dev. He asks her to refuse Dev’s proposal. Shefali just leaves.

Shefali shares with Pragati that she feels inferior to other girls in the college. Pragati asks her to be confident about herself to feel superior. Pragati gives her Pinky’s example. They promote Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story serial which is starting from 27th January on Colors. She asks Shefali to love herself the way Pinky does and then they leave to watch the movie with family.

The family watches horror movie together. Raghbir and Pragati throw popcorns on each other. Kunti and Sahas look at them. Dev shows some necklaces pictures to Priya who keeps getting Akshey’s messages. She tells Dev that it’s customer care. Raghbir shouts scaring everybody. Just then lights get switched off. Shefali says that the most interesting part was about to come. Pragati suggests going to sleep as tomorrow is Monday and they have a lot of work. Raghbir agrees with her and they get up to leave but Kunti asks Raghbir not to leave as they are spending time together after so long. Nakul suggests playing spin the bottle. Kunti asks everybody to play on terrace.

Later everybody is sitting on terrace and playing the game. Nakul spins the bottle and it stops on Nakul who asks him what he will do if he gets a lot of money. Devraj says that he has already a lot of money thankfully. Sahas says that money is very important and if someone has it, he becomes king. Pragati says that money doesn’t matter much as family is more important. Kunti asks her why she came back to ask her right on the company then. Pragati says that she came to get her relationships. Aditi says that she proved that family matters for her the most. They spin bottle again and it stops on Shefali who asks what love is. Dev replies that love is a feeling between two people. He holds Priya’s hand. Priya recalls Akshey’s words and says that love is that feeling which doesn’t let a person get confused between heart and brain. Aditi asks Pragati what is love for her and she replies that it’s Raghbir for her since he taught her what love is. Sahas says that love means getting the loved one. Raghbir says that it’s obsession what he means not love. Sahas says that he will understand that once he gets his love. Pragati asks Devraj what love is for him but he doesn’t reply and leaves. Harshit asks Kunti to get her medicines and they leave too. Pragati and Raghbir exchange looks. Pragati says she is going to get her phone from her room. She leaves. Raghbir looks at her going. Aditi asks him if his phone is in the room too. He says that he is going to get water and leaves. Priya leaves to get her sweater.

Priya goes in her room and Akshey is there. He asks answer from her. Priya asks him to leave but he refuses.

Pragati is in her room and messages Raghbir asking her if he is coming.

Dev knocks at Priya’s room door. She asks Akshey to hide and goes to open the door. Dev comes in the room and hugs Priya from behind. Akshey looks on.

Pragati sees a shadow and thinks it’s Raghbir. She turns around and hugs the person who is revealed to be Sahas. Raghbir comes and sees them hugging. Kunti comes too and smirks.

Episode ends

Precap:Kunti blames Pragati of betraying Raghbir with Sahas and says that she witnessed it with her eyes and Raghbir saw her hugging Sahas too. Later Raghbir tells Pragati that it’s useless to make a person understand something she/he isn’t ready to listen.