Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd January 2020 Written Update: Preesha takes the blame of the accident on herself

Episode begins with Preesha is questioning Yuvraj that if the car of Rajiv meets with an accident and how did he come in front of your car. Yuvraj purposefully says those stuff in a hurry so that Preesha couldn’t make out anything concrete out of it and to show her that she is panicking. He says when the car meets with an accident I was coming to check if he is alright it but by the time he comes out of the car and I accidentally hits him. He starts to act in front of Preesha to gain sympathy from her. Suddenly Preesha gets to hear the sound of the police van coming,

Yuvraj says I am a responsible citizen so I only did it. Preesha thinks about everything else and she decides to sacrifice herself for the sake of Yuvraj and took the blame of hitting Rajiv. The police van is approaching towards them when suddenly Preesha goes and sits in the driving seat. Yuvraj gets happy that all his emotional blackmailing worked finally and he is successful in emotionally making Preesha vulnerable.

The police inspector comes there and checks Rajiv, they asks Preesha to come out of the car and she just confessed in front of the police inspector that it is she who did the accident. The police inspector asks his lady constables to arrest her. Yuvraj fakes in front of Preesha that he will save her at any cost. Saransh is walking on the road alone and he doesn’t understand where he reached. Rudraksh almost reached near Golden Tekari when he noticed police van and ambulance. Yuvraj noticed Rudraksh is there and he looks at Preesha.

Rudraksh is unable to deal with the fact that Rajeev is no more between them. He is completely at shock with everything that happened with Rajeev. The police inspector informed Rudraksh that due to an accident your brother has died and we got a lady on the spot who is responsible for this and also it seems that the accident happened from her car. Rudraksh looked at the lady and he gets shocked to find out that it is none other than Preesha.

Saransh is sitting alone in the bench of an empty road when a guy comes to him and says I will make you reach to your mum and dad. He gives him a chocolate and asks to have it, Charan remind did that Preesha ask to take chocolates from any stranger ever no matter how sweetly he behaves with him. Saransh runs away from there and that person is also running behind him.

Rudraksha runs towards the jeep and strangles Preesha and gets angry. The police inspector controls him somehow when Yuvraj says that Preesha didn’t kill your brother that was just an accident. the police took away his cheap and Rudraksh is looking at Preesha with blood shade eyes.

Precap – Rudraksha informed in the family that Rajeev is no more.