Bepanah Pyaar 24th January 2020 Written Update: Raghbir warns Pragati about the wrong intentions of Sahas

Episode begins with Raghbir noticed Pragati is hugging Sahas. Suddenly the mother of Sahas made an issue in the house and started to bad mouth about Pragati. Pragati tries to say that you people and having some miscommunication but Kunti didn’t let her complete her sentence and just to frame her wrong keep on speaking rubbish.

The husband of Kunti says do try to listen to them once before blaming them. She says today I will say and Pragati has to listen to me. She says that it is your nature to trap good people in your spell and you did the same with Raghbir first and now you are trying to to trap Sahas in the same plan.

Pragati feels disgusted with the allegations that is coming on her. She says before blaming her let her speak in her defence. Pragati finally gets a chance to speak but she did remember that she cannot speak up about meeting Raghbir silently.

Kunti again badmouths about Pragati and ask rugby to speak up at least now and he says yes I do witness her in the arms of Sahas. He says all the time it is not necessary what we saw is right. He took her side in front of all and says I know her very well and she can not do anything.

Sahas also cleared the air that Pragati is scared of darkness and that is why I came here. Raghbir hugged Pragati once everyone goes out of the room. Sahas and Kunti are arguing about the failed attempts of creating rift between Pragati and Raghbir. He says I will take care of everything this time and will make sure they get seperated from each other.

Pragati is really upset about the entire matter, Raghbir tries to make Pragati understand about the intentions of Sahas. He tries to explain maybe you are not aware that it was not me in front of you but he knows that it is you in the room. Kunti decides to find out what is going on between Raghbir and Pragati.

Pragati and Sahas are talking with each other and she does not obey the words of Raghbir and still does what she feels like. Rugby notice with them together and says to pragathi that it is useless to make you understand because you will understand only what you want to understand. Ranbir sitting besides pool area when Pragati comes to talk to him.

Raghbir is upset with her and is not talking to her, pragati takes the phone from his hand and they gets in cute conversations with each other. They get romantic with each other and suddenly the phone clicks alarm and Raghbir says today is my anniversary and she says you were behaving so weird that day. They get so romantic with each other and having nice talks.

Precap – Ranbir and Pragati are planning to celebrate their anniversary together hiding from the family members.