Bepanah Pyaar 27th January 2020 Written Update: Ragbir and Pragati gets aware of Shefali disease

The episode starts with Ragbir and Pragati romancing nearby pool side. Ragbir gifts Pragati a pearl necklace. They both dance and gets lost in each other’s embrace.

Priya informs Ragbir and Pragati that Shefali has locked herself inside the room and is not opening it. They rush to her and knocks the door. They break open the door and finds her unconscious. They take her to bed and Priya informs Ragbir about Shefali vomiting for some time. Pragati informs Ragbir about Shefali and Raghav issue and Ragbir gets furious at her for hiding it from him.

Pragati says that Shefali took promise from her to not inform him. Ragbir is about to take her to doctor but Pragati denies as they need to cover the issue from other family members. She suggests to call Sahas as he’s a doctor and no one will get to know about it.

Sahas checks Shefali and says that her bp is too low. It’s seen that Shefali skipped all her food as she is was not hungry. He states that it’s due to weakness and gives her injection shot. Ragbir scolds Pragati in room for not informing about Raghav before. Pragati makes him understand Shefali’s condition and asks him not to worry. Ragbir calms down and apologizes for behaving rude with her. Pragati asks him to let it go. She gets determined to cure Shefali

Shefali wakes up and Ragbir scolds her for not taking care of herself for Raghav. Shefali gets shocked hearing about Ragbir talking about Raghav. She looks at Pragati who looks guilty for revealing. She asks how could she spoil her health for a worthless human.

Shefali reveals that she’s not at all hungry these days and even if she eats something she vomits immediately. Sahas identifies it has a disease and Pragati asks her to fight the disease for her family. She forcefully feeds Shefali and Priya takes over it later. Ragbir and Sahas taunt each other.

Precap : Pragati and Ragbir switch off their mobile phones in order to avoid any disturbance in celebrating their anniversary. Kunti fumes wondering that how could Ragbir break the promise given to her. Pragati and Ragbir celebrates their anniversary with cake.