September 15, 2019
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Bepanah Pyaar written update 24th July 2019: Raghbir and Pragati sleeps together!

Today’s episode opens with Pragati recalling Raghbir’s word and thinks he can’t kill Bani. She is wrong. Pragati stands next to Raghbir and recalls the flashback. Raghbir turns and sees her. He asks what. Pragati says thank you for believing her in front of Prashant. Raghbir praises Pragati and asks her let’s leave.

Pragati sneeze. Raghbir scolds her lovingly for not taking care of herself.. He takes her to the bed and asks her to sit, as they will not leave today. He makes her sleep. Raghbir calls hotel reception and ask for doctor. Pragati smile looking at him.

Someone cuts the light of Malhotra house. Aditi ask deepjot to check. A mask man says he is electrician. Deepjot tells him about the meter. Prashant unveils himself. Prashant lands in the house and looks for dark room. He sees the seal. Raghbir makes Pragati to have soup. He says Kunti ask him to take care of her daughter-in law. Prashant ties to open the seal. He takes out the wood.

Pragati sleeps sitting on the couch. Raghbir sees her head falling and rests her head against his chest. He covers her with quilt and the duo sleeps together. Prashant fixes the seal again.

In the morning Raghbir wakes up and sees Pragati sleeping close to him. He takes off hair from her face and smiles. He thinks something and gets angry. Pragati wakes up too and sees Raghbir close to her. She pulls herself back and tries to speak something. Raghbir says rain has stopped let’s leave. Pragati gets Prashant’s message.

Aditi ask for Raghbir. Tina tells Raghbir and Pragati didn’t came back. Kunti tells them Raghbir has informed her. Aditi gets angry and shouts at kunti for snatching everything from her. Kunti tells to Aditi that Raghbir is not her son. Kunti says Harshit is her son but he loves Raghbir more than anyone.

Kunti gets emotional while recalling the past. She explains to the family that she wants to bring Raghbir and Pragati close enough so that he forgets Bani forever. She asks family to support her.

Raghbir recalls his moments with Pragati and parallely thinks of Bani too. He talks seeing Bani’s photo and misses her. He says Pragati understands him but she can’t replace her in his life. Pragati overhears his talk from far. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Pragati inserts the key to open the secret lock. Someone closes the room from outside.

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