Bepanah Pyaar Written Update 25th June 2019: Pragati saves Raghbir from falling!

Todays’ episode open with Ragbhir talks to the security about love. He says to him never fall in love. If ever you fell in love, than never fear to die. Pragati hears him hiding from her. Raghbir ask security to leave. Pragati cries and apologize alone for hurting Raghbir. She again hears some voice from inside the cupboard. She opens it and sees Bani’s saree. Pragati sees blood near the saree and gets shocked. Light fluctuates.

Priya’s parents discusses with Aditi that Akshay’s parents are not receiving their call. Aditi says let them break the alliance, as she doesn’t want a sweet seller’s boy to be her son-in law. She says she will bring good boy for Priya. Priya overhears their talk.

Aditi asks Harshit how is Raghbir. Harshit says he is fine. They sees Pragati crying. Harshit ask why she is scared. She tells Bani’s saree wasn’t in the cupboard but it came all sudden along with blood. Aditi makes faces. Harshit ask her to come along with him. He asks her to show him. Harshit opens the cupboard and asks Pragati to go and see. Pragati gets shocked there was no clothes other than Bani’s saree. Aditi says stop making fun this is not blood but a color. Harshit too says its color. Aditi shouts on her and asks her to leave. Raghbir’s aunt ask Pragati can she do one work for them. She explains her and asks her to bring Raghbir in full senses at the dinner which is going to be with the investors. She says Devraj thinks Raghbir hears her. Aditi interrupts and says she is not capable of doing anything and goes away from them.

Pragati gets sad. Harshit ask her to calm down and stop overthinking. Pragati closes the cupboard.

Raghbir sleeps at the terrace. He recalls the flashback with Bani. In the flashback Raghbir and Bani plays blindfold. In real Raghbir plays alone and goes at the edge of the terrace.

Pragati talks with her father on call. She asks him to take the medicines on time. Pragati sees Raghbir on terrace and runs to save her. Raghbir falls-off from the terrace. Pragati holds his hand. Everyone sees and gets shocked seeing Raghbir. Raghbir still calls out for Bani. Pragati struggles to save Raghbir from falling. Her hand gets hurt. Pragati pulls Raghbir up. Raghbir falls on Pragati. Rain drench them, everyone come up and ask about their whereabouts. Raghbir gets angry on Pragati and says why she saved him. He says he would have died today and would have met Bani. Everyone goes down. Raghbir’s aunt suggests a plan to Aditi. Aditi looks at her.

Harshit and Raghbir fights. Raghbir pushes Harshit. Pragati looks at him. Harshit ask to change his clothes for today’s meeting.

Everyone discuss about Ragbhir. Harshit tells everyone that no one is save in this house. The blood on Pragati’s hand was true. He says Pragati have seen something strange in the house but couldn’t explain to us.-( Episode Ends)

Precape: Devraj says no one is going anywhere. He will handle everything. Bebe says we can stop everyone but who will stop her, as we all know whatever happened with Bani was not right. Everyone looks shocked.