BhagyaLakshmi 10th January 2023 Written Update: Kiran tries to convince Rishi to the marriage with Malishka

BhagyaLakshmi 10th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Rishi coming to meet Lakshmi. Rishi hugs Lakshmi. Rishi says to Lakshmi that he came to her and says there is no other place for him and asks her where can he go? Rishi reminds Lakshmi that she used to say that he is the meaning of her existence but she still left him. Rishi says to Lakshmi that his mom, dad, and dadi also left him. Rishi says to Lakshmi that he was roaming around and he came here then he understood that he is not her meaning of existence but she is his meaning of existence. Rishi says to Lakshmi that he doesn’t know what happened to him but he only sees her everywhere. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she ever thinks about him. Lakshmi says she thinks about him. Rishi says she is lying. Lakshmi says she doesn’t lie. Rishi hugs Lakshmi and says he needs her. Rishi asks Lakshmi to make everything right just like she does everytime. Rishi asks Lakshmi if they can’t be together again. Rishi gets out of his daydream.

Rano comes to Lakshmi and asks her what is she thinking? Lakshmi says there is nothing. Rano says to Lakshmi that she knows the value of marriage to a woman and says if a woman takes divorce then it is not the end of the woman’s life. Rano reminds that in Mumbai’s city, a lot of women marry again. Rano consoles Lakshmi and says if a woman is not married at the right time then her family other women will have trouble for finding matches.

Neelam and Virendra talk about what Rishi did. Neelam thinks Rishi has a lot of audacity that Rishi said no to marriage with Malishka after what he did. Neelam thinks Rishi said no the marriage because of Lakshmi and says about it to Virendra. Virendra asks Neelam not to make a mistake of blaming others for what Rishi did and says he doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. Kiran comes to the Oberoi mansion.

Rano says to Lakshmi that if she doesn’t marry then her three sisters will never be able to marry because of her. Rano says to Lakshmi that no one is forcing her and asks her to make a right decision saying Balwinder still loves her.

Kiran says to Neelam and Virendra that only Rishi didn’t make a mistake and says Malishka is also has fault in it. Virendra and Neelam thank Kiran for thinking like that. Kiran says to Neelam that she wants to talk to Rishi. Neelam agrees.

Kiran comes to Rishi’s room and consoles him and hugs him. Kiran asks Rishi to do something so that he has to set everything right. Rishi says he will do anything to set everything right and asks Kiran what does he has to do? Kiran says to Rishi that he has to marry Malishka to set everything right.

Dadi and Devika talk about Rishi’s actions. Devika and Dadi think about how can Malishka allow Rishi to do that. Dadi says to Devika that Rishi made a mistake. Ayush comes and convinces Dadi and Devika that Rishi didn’t do anything wrong and says he can prove it but he needs their help for it. Dadi and Devika agree to help Ayush.

Kiran says to Rishi that he is going to marry Malishka not only to save Malishka but also to save himself from falling in his own eyes. Kiran says to Rishi that he can also say no to marriage but he needs to tell her the reason for it and he needs to tell Malishka what she has to do after that.

Episode ends.

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