Udaariyaan 10th January 2023 Written Update: Advait plans to discredit Nehmat

Udaariyaan 10th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Harleen arriving in a deserted place in her car. She asks the driver to leave. The driver is scared that Jasmine will scold him if she learns that he left her in such an isolated place alone. Harleen says that she will make sure that mom doesn’t know about it. He leaves. Harleen phones Ekam. Ekam asks Harleen to stop calling him. But Harleen says that she’s in an unknown place, her drive left by dropping her. She asks Ekam to come and save her. Ekam asks her location so that he can send the constables. Harleen urges Ekam to come. Ekam agrees to come. Ekam phones Advait and informs him that he has some urgent work and will come in an hour. 

Ekam reaches the location. He doesn’t find Harleen. He thinks that she played a prank on him. He wonders why she’s after him. He begins to leave. Harleen is dressed up like a cornfield doll. She walks towards Ekam. They bump into each other and fall on the ground with Ekam on top of Harleen. Harleen imagines herself dancing with Ekam on the song Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam. Ekam gets up and begins to leave. Harleen pretends to get injured and calls out to Ekam. Ekam comes back and asks her to stop acting. Harleen tries to act cute in front of Ekam. But the latter finds it irritating. Advait phones Ekam. Advait scouts Ekam and urges him to come immediately. Harleen wonders who Ekam’s boss is, who makes him work even on Sundays. Ekam lifts Harleen on his back as Harleen pretends not to be able to walk. 

Harleen follows Ekam and is shocked to find out that Advait is Ekam’s boss. She thinks that she can’t go in front of Advait as he will inform Jasmine about it and she will send her back to Canada. Advait says to Ekam that he has to go to the farm house along with Nehmat and says that Ekam should stay there the whole night to give protection to them. Ekam opens the car door for Nehmat. 

Advait is with his GF, Veronica. She’s upset that Advait is going to the farm house with Nehmat.  Advait reveals his plan to Veronica. He says that he will give the opportunity for Ekam and Nehmat to stay together the whole night and will record them on the CCTV camera and will present it to everyone in the way that proves they’re in an affair so that he can easily get divorce from Nehmat. 

The next day, the commissioner phones Ekam and apologizes to him that he has to work as Advait’s bodyguard. He says that he will do his best to relieve him from that work. Elam says that everything happens for a reason, so he thinks that he is also here for some reason too. He assures him that he is fine. Ekam hangs the call. He refuses to let Nehmat alone and vows to free Nehmat from the Advait. 

Advait tells Shamsher about taking Nehmat along with him for political work, as people get impressed by her actions. Shamsher is happy to hear this. On the other hand, Harleen dresses up as an old lady and asks Ekam to drop her off. Ekam agrees. On their way, Harleen blesses Ekam that he will get a good life partner. Ekam understands that she’s Harleen. He stops the car and scolds her for doing drama. He asks her to get out of the car. But Harleen refuses and asks him to go along with her for breakfast. Ekam refuses and says that he has work. Harleen notices that Ekam is wearing an old and not working watch and makes faces. She asks him to change it. Ekam recalls Nehmat gifting him that watch with her first salary. Harleen says to Ekam to get a new watch. But Ekam refuses as it’s special for him. He asks her to get out of the car. Harleen says that he can’t always escape from her. She gets out of the car. 

Advait critizes tea made by Nehmat. Nehmat says that he will make tea again. Shamsher stops Nehmat and asks Rama, Naaz and Neeru to to do the chores while Nehmat handles elections work with Advait. Nehmat says that she likes chores and says that she can handle both. Advait taunts Nehmat saying that she handles both (her husband and her ex) well. Neeeru asks Advait if Ekam accompaines him and Nehmat to the farm house. Advait says yes. Neeru doubts that Advait is plotting something big. Advait asks Nehmat to do packing to leave. Advait hopes that Nehmat will make a mistake so that he can prove her wrong to everyone.

The episode ends.

Precap: Advait forcibly kisses Nehmat in front of Ekam to provoke him. Advait leaves Nehmat alone in the farm house and leaves. He asks Ekam to take care of Nehmat in his absence. Advait watches Ekam and Nehmat through CCTV cameras. Ekam and Nehmat come towards each other. Advait smiles seeing this.

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