Bharathi kannamma 2nd December 2021 Written Update: Bharathi helps Kannamma

Bharathi kannamma 2nd December 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bharathi gets jerk hearing the thundering sound from sleep. He thinks that he has no other option then admiring this rain today. He places his feet down and finds water is entering into the house. He gets shock to see the rainy water entering into house continuously. Bharathi notices Kannamma is still sleeping peacefully and tries to wakes her up. Kannamma scolds him for entering into her room. He informs to her rainy water entered into home. She says to him she never thought it will happen like this. He asks to him whom opened the door? He accepts that he done it. Kannamma scolds him for it and questions him why did he roaming like this instead of sleeping? Bharathi says he is not getting sleep due to new place. Kannamma complaints that he visited this house many times and even he stayed here for one day.

Bharathi asks her to do something to stop this water. Kannamma asks him to go and sleep she will take care of it. Bharathi tries to close the hole. Kannamma asks him to go and sleep. Bharathi says that he can’t able to sleep hereafter. Bharathi feels bad to see her working there. Bharathi enquires to her Is water enter like this here often? Kannamma says if it’s raining too much sometimes happen like this. He offers help to her but she denies it reasoning he will scolds her unnecessary. Bharathi starts helps her to removes the water. He about to slip she holds him to prevent from falling down. Both shares an eye lock.

Venu gives coffee to Soundarya. He thank him for the coffee. He asks to him why did she woke up early? She says to him nothing much she woke up early that’s it. She shares to him that she fears Bharathi may return to home after arguing with Kannamma. Thankfully he didn’t come yet. If he stays today then he will adjust there well. Venu says to her nothing to worry if he get angry then he won’t go there. Soundarya calls to Kannamma and learns from her what happened yesterday. Soundarya teases her for making her son work first day itself. Venu asks Kannamma to make sure she is giving work to him often. Kannamma shares to her that he adamantly sleep in hall and ate hotel food. Soundarya alerts her that she might try her best to bring him back on track. He wanna feel it as home instead of thinking it as a hotel. Soundarya disconnects the call and goes to check kids there. Kannamma goes to cook breakfast.

Kannamma doing morning pooja. He wakes up hearing the bell sound. She wishes good morning to him but he didn’t react to her. She complaints that he doesn’t even know the basic manners. Kannamma asks him to take the sacred ashes but he denies it. She asks him to stop showing his anger on her to god. She placed ashes on his temple and leaves. He gets irritate to think he wanna see her daily hereafter. She gives morning coffee to him but he refuses to drink it. Kannamma says let’s see how many days he gonna react like this.

Shanthi calls to Venba and informs everything to her. She complaints that Bharathi went to live with that Kannamma in her house betraying her. She adds that she never thought he will do like this. Neither he didn’t help her to get bail for her nor refused to live with that Kannamma too. Soundarya and Venu are discussing about Hema and Lakshmi. Venu asks to her what happened to that Venba? She says to him that she was punished by court so nothing to worry she can’t able to come out and practice the medicine. Just then Hema and Lakshmi comes there. Anjali helps them to do their heir. Hema says that she is missing her dad. Soundarya says to them that Kannamma will bring food for them. They bids bye to them and leaves.

Episode end.