Bigg Boss 16 13th January 2023 Written Update: Bharati Singh and Harsh graces the bigg boss house

Bigg Boss 16 13th January 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode start with Salman Khan’s greeting. He wishes Makar Sankranti and tells Bharti and Harsh has entered the house.

Bharti and Harsh meet inmates. They wish Lohri to them and tell the inmates that season is hit. Bharati tell to Stan that his son is big fan. She cracks joke on Stan’s hair. Harsh and Bharti roast inmates in their style.

Bharti tells to Harsh and says Tina is her old friend and she knows from ages. Bharti hugs Archana. Harsh asks Bharti about hugging Archna instead of Tina. Bharti says if mother can hug Sreejita instead of Tina than why not she. Archana gets happy.

Harsh and Bharti roast Bigg boss about interrupting. They further decide to play games with Harsh and Bharti. Team Yellow and Team Pink competes with each other. Harsh tells the game rules. Tina and Sajid compete each other.

Sajid manages to gain the points. He wins the round.

Abdu and Sreejita compete next. Abdu makes Team Pink win again.

Harsh tells the rule of food tasting game. Task start with Shalin and Archana. Shalin and Tina guess the two foods correctly.

Shiv and Nimrit competes next. Team pink lose with 2 points.

Priyanka and Soundarya compete. Stan and Sumbul also compete. Team yellow wins.

Harsh tells to inmates about the last tie breaker game ‘chalte chalte gir pade’. He says Team Pink and Team Yellow will compete. Stan, Shiv, Sumbul and Nimrit start the task.

Inmates enjoy. Shiv manages to fill the water. Priyanka, Shalin, Archana and Soundarya perform the task against Team Pink . Team pink win.

Harsh and Bharti ask inmates to rate the contenders based on the title give. Archana starts the task. She tags Sreejita as number 1, Stan no. 2 and Tina- 3. Archana calls them lazy. Tina and Stan gets offended.

Shiv defends Stan. Archana call Nimrit lazy too. Nimrit asks Archana not to target her.

Shiv says Soundarya, Shalin and Tina don’t have existence.

Priyanka calls Shalin, Tina and Soundarya calls donkey.

Shalin tags Archana, Priyanka and Tina ghatiya soch.  Priyanka says Shalin is avenging her. Tina too defends herself.

Team pink wins. Harsh and Bharti leave the house.

Shalin and Priyanka discuss about Tina. Shalin says Tina played with his emotion. Tina hears Shalin and says he isn’t kid to not understand.

Salman says this week was dedicated to family and Simi. He decides to meet the inmates. Salman asks Tina what changes she brought in her. Tina says her bond with Nimrit changed.

Salman asks Archana to recreate Tina’s mother confusion over Sreejita and Tina.

Salman says with the family week, inmates learned many things from outside and they too learned. He says Archana lied about her voice. Salman says Archana voice is not because of singing but it is genetic.

Salman talks about Gulshan. He asks Shalin and Shiv to recreate Gulshan’s dance step. Inmates enjoy.

Salman confront Shalin about saying his kundali has Salman’s dosha. He says he is wrong.

Salman further perform Lohri task with inmates. Inmates are asked to burn their negative vibes and correct the other inmates.

Archana says she will not use abusive word. She says she don’t want Shiv to misunderstand her. Soundarya

Sumbul decide to speak up. Nimrit, Shiv, Priyanka, Shalin, Tina, Abdu and Sajid too perform the task.

Salman welcome Bharti and Harsh on the stage.

Bharti and Harsh congratulate Salman and bigg boss as season is hit. Salman, Harsh and Bharti enjoys.

Bharti and Harsh makes Gola meet Salman. Salman meet Gola. He dances with the little bean. Bharati and Harsh share with Salman about their experience with the inmates.

Bharti asks Salman to perform Gidha.

Salman talks about elimination. Sreejita gets eliminated. Salman praises Sreejita’s game. Sreejita says she was prepared.
Sreejita meet inmates and leave the house.

Shalin and Priyanka says Sreejita is a good person. [Episode Ends]

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