Bigg Boss 16 12th January 2023 Written Update: Simi Garewal host talk show with inmates

Bigg Boss 16 12th January 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode started with Day 103 at 8 AM: Shalin asks Sunit if she had a good sleep or not. Sunita says yes. Shalin assure his mother that she will lift the trophy. Inmates gather to sing Bigg boss anthem. Archana tells to inmates that Solo has made tattoo of six packs abs.

8:45 AM: Sol talks with Stan. Stan tells to Sol that he write rap on his own in Hindi and Marathi. Soo asks Stan to rap something. Stan says he takes money.

Shalin apologize to Madhumati for not able to spend time because of Sunita. Sunita asks Shalin not to hurt anyone. Shalin understands Madhumati. He touches her feet. Madhumita asks Shalin not to touch anyone’s feet over his mother. Sunita dislike Shalin apologizing to Madhumita. She asks him to stop thinking by heart.

12PM; Bigg boss releases and freezes Shiv, Priyanka, Abdu and others. Shiv tries to dress Abdu. Abdu asks Shiv not to tease.

12:15 PM: Madhumita asks Tina not to hurt anyone and befriend everyone. Bigg boss asks Sunita, Madhumita and Sol to come out from the house. Sunita, Madhumita and Sol meet inmates and walks out from the house.

12:30 PM: Shiv, Nimrit and Abdu sit together. Nimrit says to Abdu that his friend Sol was very naughty. Abdu says to Nimrit that she is naughty too.

Nimrit and Sajid praises Shalin’s mother. Nimrit says she will love to have a mother-in law like Sunita Ji.

Bigg boss welcome Soundarya’s mother Usha in the house. Usha meet Archana. Soundrya breaks down seeing her mother.

Sajid, Shalin and Stan ask Soundarya to stay freezed. Bigg boss release Shiv, Stan

12:45 PM: Sajid decide to show Usha the house. Bigg boss releases Soundarya. Archana and Soundarya hug Usha ji.

Bigg boss freeze Sumbul and others. He welcomes Iqbal in the house. Archana asks Iqbal to meet Archana in the garden area.

Iqbal meet Sumbul. He motivates Sumbul. Bigg boss releases Stan, Sajid, Shiv, Shalin, Abdu and others.

1:30 PM: Iqbal and Archana meet each other. Iqbal tells to Sumbul that Mr. Toqeer has send chicken for her. Sumbul gets emotional.

Sajid and Stan laughs on Iqbal. Iqbal reads a poetry for Sumbul.

Iqbal praises Mandali for always supporting Sumbul.

2 PM: Bigg boss freezes everyone. He welcomes Michael in the house. Michael kisses Sreejita. He meet everyone. Abdu and Michael jam together. Soundarya asks Usha if Gautam said anything about her. Usha ji says no. Archana likes Michael. Sreejita gets happy meeting Michael.

Archana makes fun of Madhumati for hugging Sreejita. Tina feels bad and says to Priyanka that she will not spare Archana for making fun of her mother.

2:30 PM: Archana and Iqbal talk with each other. Sajid tells to Iqbal that Sumbul is like a child.

4:45 PM: Iqbal sits with mandala. He says Sumbul acts childish.

5:30 PM: Shiv asks Sajid if he is still angry. Iqbal tells to Nimrit and Sumbul that they both are only working for Sajid. Abdu agrees. Iqbal says Sajid is using mandala

5:45PM: Stan asks Shiv what has happened. Shiv says Sajid is confusing him. He share with Stan that Sajid was throwing attitude when he was trying to confront him.

6 PM: Stan talks with Sajid. Sajid says to Stan that Shiv has distanced himself from mandali post Shekhar Suman quoted he is follower.

Michael and Archana sit together. Sreejita asks Archana to flirt little bit with Michael. Michael asks Archana if Sreejita is still friend. Archana says she will attend Sreejita and Michale’s wedding.

6:65 PM: Sajid and Shiv confront each other and discuss over Sumbul’s matter.

7:45 PM: Nimrit and Shalin talk with each other.

Day 103, 8 PM: bigg boss asks everyone to gather in the activity area. He asks Michael, Iqbal and Usha to be in the house.

Inmates get excited to see Simi Garewal. Bigg boss welcome Simi. He calls season 16 a season of firsts.

Simi thanks Bigg boss for calling her to the house. She decides to talk with inmates.

Simi talks with Stan. She praises Stan for struggling and making his place. Gimi asks Stan who is his inspiration. Stan thanks God and his mother. He shares his story with Simi.

Simi asks Priyanka who she will choose amid stardom and love. Priyanka choose unconditional love.

Simi asks Shiv what he will choose amid stardom and dream girl. Shiv chooses Stardom. Tina chooses stardom too.

Simi asks Archana why she chooses politic. Archana says she wanted to become politician. She tells to Simi that she wants to work for women empowerment.

Simi asks Shalin what he will choose amid chicken and Tina. Shalin says he will choose anything opposite to Tina.

Simi talks with inmates.

Simi praises Abdu. She wishes inmates for their ahead journey.

10 PM: Shalin decide to share his chicken with Michael. Tina claim bigg boss didn’t send any personal ration. Shalin gets angry. He refuses to eat.

Tina and Shalin argue with each other. Nimrit side Shalin.

Archana tells to Soundarya that Sajid and Nimrit have fought. She predicts mandali will have fight soon.

Priyanka and Shalin talks with each other Tina.

12:30 AM: Shiv kisses Abdu. Abdu gets teased.

12:45 AM: Nimrit and Soundarya talk about Archana. Soundarya says Archana complaint her about not calling to meet her mother. Nimrit says Archana has started to target her. [Episode Ends]


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