Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 18th December 2020 Written Update: Archana the new captain of the house

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 18th December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 75at morning 8 am. Morning wake up song plays at the bigboss house. House mates starts dance for the song ” Chalmar song” and greeted each other.

At 12.10 Gabby is in the confession room.BiggBoss says to her that 70 days are passed how was her journey? Gabby replies to him her journey was amazing. Its very easy to her to travell this much but now its hurting her a lot when someone often pointing her as unfit unfit. Anitha always saying that she is maintaining friendship with Rio is strategy. Actually he is the one used to make fun of her and talk with her freely. She loves to keep friendship. She is here to find who she is? But she is receiving this kind of treatment here. She is feeling low here. BiggBoss ask to her who is she missing now? She replies as her friends, mom and mia. They accepted her knowing her thoroughly. BiggBoss ask to her what did she want as a birthday gift from her mom. She smiles and said food, mia foot printed message and chocolate cake for all. BiggBoss ask her to mention her as BG. BiggBoss Gabby. She smiles and says its so cute. She shares it to all happily. Rio hugs her

At 12.30 Bala and Aajeedh saying that Aari break the rules in Hen’s farm task. He didn’t followed the group discussion topic. He breaked the rules and played his strategy..only he is playing well in this house rest all unfit here. What’s it all.

At 3.30 Ramya is in confession room. BiggBoss ask her to share about her 70 days travel journey as short. She replies to him that we can’t take rehersal to live inside this house. Its an new oppurtunity to face new faces and live with them in same house. He ask her to say about Anger. She replies to him that none can able to hide their anger thoroughly 70 days in this house they will show off it out at any particular time. Even she showed it for right things at right time. He says to her Tears? She replies that many came inside taking challenge to not cry but they cried there. She is still feel strong to hold her emotions. Housemates. She replies we can’t able to select the housemates. We might adjust with them. He wished her all the best. She leaves from there.

At 4.50 Anitha is reading newspaper about Ramya pandiyan..Aari is listening it. She is teasing Ramya.

At 4.55 Aajeedh singing song for her. She read it in the news style. They are laughing like hell hearing it.

At 5.30 Anith Reading new task name ” Eat Five star and do nothing task ” housemates wanna divide into two group and remain wanna be a judge. Each team wanna send one person to play the task. They wanna watch the scene which playing in the plasma TV and eat five star. If they gets distract opposite team can pause the video and give funny punishment to them. Gabby start it and done it. Shivani next. Archana after her. But Ramya smiles so they give punishment to Anitha to play chicken dance. She dance it. Then again Ramya laughed. Aajeedh applied peanut cream on his face as punishment. At last she again distract. Shivani eat chilli as punishment. Bala and Aari announced Team A is the winner. BiggBoss announced them as winner and congratulate them.

At.7.45 Bala enters into Confession room. He ask him to share about his journey. He replies as good but all are judging him here and blaming his methode. He have loud voice they are thinking its as shouting on them. He is controlling it nowadays. BiggBoss ask him to play his game and stand in his own point and give his opinion.
Bala saying to BiggBoss that he will chnge the topic. He is already calling Shivani as Shivu. So he might call him as brother Bala. He nods. He assures to him that he will call him as brother only.

At.8.30 Rio Reading the new circular from BiggBoss about the captaincy task. Three nets were planced in the garden and thermocoal filled with packets for each competitor. They wanna remove the packet through the net and placed it on their table. Whom finishing this task first will be the captain of the week.

At 8.40 They start the game together. They are competiting together. Its an tough game for them and playing very interstingly. They are cheering for them. Archana completes it first. They hugged her and congratulated for her. Archana hugs the competitor friendly. Rio says to BiggBoss that she played well and fairly she is the captain of the house

At 8.45 Archana crying infront of camera and dedicate that victory for Zara. Gabby, Anitha and Rio are discussing about the captaincy task. That Bala didn’t go according to the rules even Archana too. Both corrected at last. But Bala got angry when everyone mentioned it. Anitha says to him that its in rules book we just remind him.

At 10.15 Archana reading the promotion of Rio movie. They clapps for him. Plan panni pannanum title song gonna telecast in plasma Tv first time. They congratulated him. Rio opens the curtain of his movie title song in BiggBoss house. He thank the Director Bhadri, Music director Yuvan shangar Raja and Singer Premji. Music album starts play in the Tv. Housemates are watching it happily and praising his dance. Housemates danced for his own movie song. Rio thank BiggBoss for realeasing it in BiggBoss House.

At 10.30 Rio saying to housemates that everyone smiles and accept it happily. He is so happy to see it. He shares an one liner to all that everyone can watch this movie with popcorn. Its an happy filim and entertainment movie. Yuvan nailed the music. Archana says

At 10.45 Bala saying to all that he used to think a lot. There is a life for everyone outside. We used to fight for silly things inside the BiggBoss house. This is just a game he got angry for little things and played an dirty game. He appologise to Aari first.

At 11.30 Cake came for Gabby birthday. Housemates wished her. She cuts the cake and feed them all. She gets an special gifts from her mom and video clips from BiggBoss.

Episode end.

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